Autodesk what is bim 360 glue.

Autodesk what is bim 360 glue.

Autodesk: What is BIM 360 Glue?? As BIM-compliant ways of working become more widespread, new requirements arise in the coordination of individual project participants in the project office and on the construction site. Autodesk has developed a new generation of software, the BIM 360 family of products, that uses cloud technology to facilitate collaboration. Having dedicated previous blog posts to BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Docs, in this post we highlight BIM 360 Glue.

Challenges in everyday work: Too much time is spent on file management and deadline coordination Commuting between the office and the construction site is indispensable To organize a coordination meeting for all project participants, several days often pass Advantages for everyday project work and core functions of BIM 360 Glue BIM 360 Glue is a cloud-based management and collaboration service that provides access to project information virtually anytime and anywhere. Use the service to visualize design processes. The service makes tasks in this environment more efficient by engaging the entire team in multidisciplinary reviews. Fewer coordination meetings due to day-accurate information in Autodesk BIM 360 Glue Automatic file management through versioning – everyone works on the latest model More time for critical tasks such as sequencing, quantification and complex coordination Project staff on site document defects in Autodesk BIM 360 Glue, reviewable in the office

End-to-end BIM solution for the entire team Reduce time spent organizing and conducting coordination meetings. Access accurate model views. Access common markups directly. Share a link and grant access for your entire team from anywhere in the world to the latest project data. BIM 360 Glue assists with more effective team communication through notifications and activity tracking. One-click access tool for project review

Cloud-based, real-time coordination Enable your entire team to quickly identify and resolve challenges with BIM 360 Glue – before and during the construction phase. Work with up-to-date project models and data. Publish information to all project stakeholders and make earlier and better decisions through more effective communication. Comment on project models. Send notifications to the team. Improve communication within the team Collaborate on projects

Mobile working Anytime, anywhere access to BIM projects and data. Work intuitively on multidisciplinary BIM projects – online or offline. Navigate saved views, measure distances, and access object properties. Walk through the virtual model using gravity support. Issues and defects that arise on the jobsite can be entered directly into the model through the app. Intuitive operation Mobile data synchronization

Navisworks integration Use cloud-connected workflows for BIM coordination, collaboration, and analysis. Combine BIM 360 Glue for model management/team collaboration and Navisworks for advanced analytics, 4D animated timelines, and model-based quantification. Load BIM 360 Glue projects directly into Navisworks and perform the analysis you need. Assign Navisworks models directly to BIM 360 Glue projects. Easily send links and notifications to project reviewers and stakeholders. Connect workflows with Navisworks share project models

Integration of design tools BIM 360 Glue minimizes comptability problems. More than 50 file formats are supported, as well as round-trip BIM workflows from major Autodesk design tools. Download the latest 3D model views directly from Revit, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Project models can be imported via drag& Drop directly into BIM 360 Glue, model versions are automatically managed and project activities can be tracked through automatic notifications.

Support for many file types Manage and coordinate project models Integration with business processes Bidirectional integration allows project management tools or ERP solutions and BIM 360 Glue to be linked together. For example, live models can be integrated into project management workflow systems (e.G. B. Microsoft SharePoint) can be integrated. The linking of documents. BIM objects is also possible. Access object data, hyperlinks or attachments easily.

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