Autocad mac archive

Autocad mac archive

Hello All,Today I have an important message for you! From the 15. June 2019, Autodesk only supports the current version of Transport Layer Security 1 when activating the software.2. The older variants such as TSL 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer used. This step is necessary to protect your installations from a possible Man in the […]

Autocad for MAC: Which AutoCAD version runs with Mojave (macOS 10.14.X)

– 1.4.2019 – By Helge Brettschneider – In General – No Comments

Hello AutoCAD MAC fans,it is already such a thing with the operating systems, always something new! In the MAC world it feels like everything is a bit more relaxed with the updates. Because you know, once a year in October a new version is released and everything runs. One thinks, but in the detail lie then sometimes […]

Autocad MAC 2019: Reset AutoCAD? -This is how it works!

– 11.2.2019 – By Helge Brettschneider – In General, Autodesk AutoCAD – No Comments

Hi all, it's good when an installation of AutoCAD runs without problems. But it may happen that it is necessary to reset the installation to its original settings. For example AutoCAD does not start anymore, what then?? -With AutoCAD Windows there is the utility to reset the settings. HOW TO RESET THE SETTINGS […]

Autocad MAC 2019: Text alignment to an arc or circle -Autolisp

– 8.1.2019 – By Helge Brettschneider – In General, Autodesk AutoCAD – No Comments

Hello everybody, "Happy New Year" before the cold season starts again! So that you start well in 2019 I have a small Autolisp -Geschenk for all AutoCAD MAC 2019 users! Because on the MAC not all Express Tools have been realized, among other things there is no function that creates a curved text. How to get […]

CAD on the MAC: Mouse wheel does not work on macOS Mojave 1014

– 28.12.2018 – By Helge Brettschneider – In General, Autodesk AutoCAD, Fusion 360 – No Comments

Hello Fusion 360 / AutoCAD MAC users, yes you do not suspect anything bad and update your MAC operating system to 10.14.2 and bang the mouse wheel (Mouse wheel) of your Logitec mouse no longer works after the update. Then you are like me today, as a MAC user you update your system and most of the time you don't think about […]

Autocad /AutoCAD MAC 2019: Fix errors in DWG files

– 11.12.2018 – By Helge Brettschneider – In General, Autodesk AutoCAD – No Comments

Hello all, how does it work? -I hope everything is so far in the green area! In the cold season it is easy to catch a cold! Then you go to the doctor. Lets treat. With the right medications, you get better fast!

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