Autocad 2022 with industry

Autocad 2022 with industry

Autocad 2019 now comes standard with specialized tool palettes, numerous new features, a completely redesigned web application, a mobile app, and much more.

Autocad 2019 and AutoCAD 2019 LT are now available. The new versions of the CAD software now offer subscribers inherently industry-specific features and specialized tool palettes for mechanical design, architecture, 3D mapping and more. Numerous new features and performance improvements promise to enhance the program even further. A newly developed web and mobile app ensure that users can now work on their designs even more flexibly while on the move.

Autocad 2019: Higher productivity and more flexibility with special tools

Autocad 2019 now offers all users access to seven specialized tool palettes by default. Until now you had to subscribe separately to the AutoCAD toolsets Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Map 3D, MEP, Raster Design and Plant 3D. Now users can directly choose from over 750,000 smart objects, materials, parts, features and symbols to implement their projects. Designers, developers, engineers and co. Thus perform a wide range of tasks from a standardized interface. For example, AutoCAD 2019 allows them to create floor plans, draw piping and schematics, design factory buildings and machinery, or integrate GIS data into their design process in equal measure. The program also allows editing scanned drawings. The conversion of raster images into DWG objects.

Faster and more efficient work

The new tool sets, now integrated as standard in AutoCAD, offer intelligent functions that allow users to work much more efficiently and effectively. With the Architecture tool palette, for example, architectural designs can be realized much more easily and quickly using the components contained as templates, such as doors, walls and windows, than would be the case with mere lines and circles. For example, compared to the previous version of AutoCAD, the Architecture tool palette requires only three steps to create a wall instead of five.

The following specialized tool palettes are included by default in AutoCAD 2019:

– Architecture Toolset: Provides features specifically optimized for building design and over 8,000 objects and surfaces for fast building design and construction drawings. – Mechanical Toolset: Provides features optimized specifically for engineering drawings and over 700,000 intelligent standard parts and features for rapid product design. – Electrical Toolset: Provides functions specifically designed for electrical engineering design and construction and over 65,000 intelligent electrical symbols. – MEP Toolset: Provides special functions for the design and construction of building systems including more than 10'500 intelligent objects from the heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical fields. – Plant 3D Toolset: Provides features specifically designed for plant engineering to efficiently develop piping and flow diagrams and integrate them into 3D design models. – Map 3D Toolset: provides specialized functionality for mapping and surveying purposes, such as incorporating GIS and CAD data into projects. – Raster Design Toolset: Provides special functions for converting raster images into vector graphics. This allows scanned drawings to be quickly adapted. Images to be converted to DWG objects.

All new AutoCAD 2019 subscribers can now download the specialized tool sets from the Autodesk Acount Portal or via the Autodesk Desktop App.

Autocad 2019 on the go: web and mobile app

Also included with every AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019 subscription are the AutoCAD Web and AutoCAD Mobile apps, developed from the ground up. With the web application, users can access their main DWG files, essential 2D designs and editing tools (including Arc, Circle, Rectangle, Offset, Trim, etc.) at any time via a browser.). Also external references (Xref). Layers can be managed from there.

The AutoCAD Mobile app allows users to view, edit, create, and share CAD drawings from their smartphone or tablet. DWG files can also be saved directly to the end device, allowing access even without an Internet connection. Autocad mobile app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It has been specially optimized for iPhone X, iPad Pro and Windows Surface.

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