Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

The Italians are unveiling the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept, a near-production study of the upcoming 240-horsepower compact sports car, at the Geneva Motor Show (05.03.2009 – 15.03.2009). Gran Turismo Alleggerito: cars with the additional designation "GTA" made automotive racing history with numerous successes on European circuits and contributed significantly to the myth of the Alfa Romeo brand. A GTA represented a "lightened" Gran Turismo, transforming a production car into a racing touring car.

The "diet" led to a reduction in weight and made it easier for the engineers to lower the vehicle's center of gravity – along with corresponding benefits for steering precision and maneuverability. Furthermore, the creators optimized numerous structural and stiffening elements so that, together with the revised body, extremely high torsional rigidity could be achieved.

Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

© Photo: Speed Heads

Design and aerodynamics: sportiness and state-of-the-art technology

An important goal in the development of the MiTo GTA Concept was to reconcile the harmonious lines of a sporty vehicle for everyday use with the requirements for use in motorsport. In the process, aerodynamics had a decisive influence on answering technical questions and on the design. As a result, the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept boasts a further improved Cw value, noticeably reduced lift and even more efficient cooling airflow at the front. The result: an increase in top speed and a reduction in fuel consumption, as well as optimized track stability and safety even at high speeds.

This is evidenced by significantly enlarged air intakes, which are necessary to supply sufficient air to the spirited engine. The classic Alfa Romeo radiator grille was modified specifically for the MiTo GTA Concept. The scudetto (Alfa Romeo brand emblem) has been placed on the hood. The bumpers also received a modification. The windshield wiper air deflector is also located on the hood to further optimize the airflow in the area of the windshield root.

Overall, the front of the most powerful Alfa Romeo MiTo to date has a sporty, aggressive look, to which the black-framed bi-xenon headlights also contribute. Viewed from the side, the two air outlets in the front fender catch the eye, which can also be found on the Alfa 8C Competizione super sports car. Numerous wind tunnel tests resulted in the shape of the side skirts, which direct and smooth the airflow over the flanks to the rear of the vehicle.

Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

© Photo: Speed Heads

The rear end has also been reworked by the developers to achieve more downforce, with the characteristic diffuser, the centrally placed dual exhaust and the carbon fiber roof spoiler making a major contribution here. As with other sports cars, where the most ingenious solutions are often hidden from view, the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept's aerodynamicists have worked particularly hard on the underbody.

To achieve the targeted downforce values, the engineers opted for a flat rear floor section and an exhaust system with transversely positioned muffler. Specially shaped air deflectors direct the airflow in such a way that the underbody promotes downforce at high speeds.

Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

© Photo: Speed Heads

1750 Turbo Benzina: The sporty heart of the MiTo GTA Concept

Those who have earned their merits in motorsport know how to tackle the challenges of the future. For example, the Mito GTA Concept's 240-hp powerplant comes with a concentrated load of high-tech, such as gasoline direct injection, turbocharging, and dual phase converters.

The result is a new naturally aspirated 3.0-liter engine with the fuel economy of a mid-size four-cylinder unit. The small MiTo GTA Concept also leaves its competitors far behind with its great power: the Mini John Cooper Works produces only 211 hp, the Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse 160 hp and the VW Polo GTI Cup Edition 180 hp – nothing compared to the 240 hp of the MiTo GTA Concept.

In addition, the designers designed the powerplant to work with the driving dynamics control D.N.A . With the three driving programs "Normal", "Dynamic" (sporty driving) and "All Weather" (driving on surfaces with low friction coefficients, such as e. B. In rain or snow) communicates: The driver selects a driving program according to his or her driving style, which alters the operating parameters to the benefit of the driving pleasure and safety of various systems on board the vehicle.

To safely transfer the concentrated engine power to the road, Alfa Romeo equips the MiTo GTA Concept with super-light, forged 19-inch aluminum wheels. The design of the wheels ensures efficient cooling of the brakes, which pays off especially in sporty use.

Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

© Photo: Speed Heads

Modern chassis for perfect vehicle control

The chassis of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept was designed for maximum vehicle control in all driving situations. To further improve the dynamic characteristics of the regular Alfa Romeo MiTo, the designers made a number of modifications. These include the even more torsionally rigid bodyshell as well as the suspension lowered by 20 millimeters, the modified front axle geometry with new aluminum control arms and the fine-tuning of all elastic elements of the multilink rear axle.

The steering is now even more direct, precise and sensitive, giving the driver particularly good feedback from the road surface. Furthermore, the steering can be individually adapted to specific needs via the Alfa Romeo D.N.A.-system allows the steering to be individually adapted to specific needs. In order to be at the cutting edge of technological development, Alfa Romeo has also developed a new "active suspension" in collaboration with Magneti Marelli – derived from the experience gained in international motorsport.

By monitoring the shock absorbers, the new system is able to reduce the vibrations of the vehicle body in all driving situations. Thanks to the numerous parameters managed by the innovative system, it is possible, for example, to counteract load changes during acceleration by making the rear suspension stiffer. The result is lightning-fast starts while maintaining complete control of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the system is able to recognize a driving situation and the condition of the road in order to select the most appropriate settings. Thanks to the large computer capacity, the system can react quickly. To take full advantage of the technological progress of the solenoid valves located in the shock absorbers. Thanks to the so-called "Sky-Hook", the active suspension isolates the passenger cell. Thus decouples it from external disturbances. The chassis therefore actively counteracts road unevenness without passing it on to the bodywork.

Maximum safety thanks to reinforced braking system

To provide maximum safety in all driving situations, the makers again strengthened the braking system. Both visually and technically outstanding are the anodized monobloc brake calipers with four opposing brake cylinders, a joint development by Brembo and Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

The sporty character of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept is also matched by the so-called "dual-cast" brake discs, which are made of two different materials: Cast iron and aluminum – both combine the high heat resistance of cast iron with the weight advantage of aluminum. At low loads, the system works like a conventional brake, while at higher operating temperatures – when the disc tends to deform – it behaves like a floating brake disc. Another advantage: less susceptibility to corrosion. Less wear and tear while optimizing performance.

Technological interior

The interior of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept impresses with its striking styling and special ambience. The anatomically shaped front sports seats offer the lateral support needed for a sporty driving style and are once again significantly lighter than the standard seats. The sporty character is underlined by the dark tones dominating the passenger compartment and the processed materials.

Alfa romeo mito gta concept with the power fades the competition

© Photo: Speed Heads

To keep light reflections to a minimum, the designers chose to use a special coating for all elements in the driver's field of vision, such as the headlights. B. The dashboard, a black, matte finish. The remaining materials have a more technical appearance. The four-point safety belts are anchored to the rear roof pillars, as are the luggage hooks for securely tying down items.

Alfa Romeo also emphasized the sporty claim of the GTA in the rear part of the passenger compartment. There are compartments for crash helmets, fire extinguishers and other items needed in motor sports. Also new is the lining of the floor with a carpet that allows a view of the main structures. The chrome-plated door sill trims with GTA lettering are something special. Rubber floor mats embedded in the carpeting.

The lining of the dashboard, the headliner and the three roof pillars is finished in black Alcantara. Woven into this is a red thread running around the interior. The air intake nozzles with aluminum inserts were also specially designed for the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept.

The extremely easy-to-grip steering wheel, the speedometer scale that reaches up to 300 km/h and the specially shaped gearshift knob also deserve attention. Perforated pedals made of brushed aluminum with rubber pads and the inscription "GTA" are a further reminiscence of motor sports and round off the emphatically sporty overall appearance.

Radionav and sporty cockpit

In order to have the operating parameters of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept always up-to-date in the field of vision, the study is equipped with an additional function integrated into the RadioNav. In addition to the displays typical of a navigation system, the study has the option of calling up information on the vehicle's functions and dynamics on the large screen.

For example, for each selected function of the Alfa D, the device displays.N.A. A compilation of the relevant configurations. Among other things, the driver receives information about the engine oil temperature, the boost pressure or the degree of opening of the throttle valve. To emphasize the maneuverability of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept, the course of accelerations can be displayed in real time. How to analyze your own driving style. Of the vehicle behavior possible.

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