About me

About me

I'm Raffaele and I blog on the summit world about mountain hiking, minimalism and independence. My motto: Making people understand what moves them.

The summit world – mountain hiking, minimalism, independence

For most of my life I have been living in Berlin and working as a freelance writer and editor mainly on the topics of mountain hiking, minimalism and independence. Grown up in close proximity to the Alps, I have already undertaken countless mountain tours on all continents and have now turned this passion into my profession.

The central project of my activity is the Summit World. Besides tour descriptions of my (mountain) hikes and product tests, here you will find above all many tips for a beautiful, good and protected experience of the mountains. A special thematic focus is ultralight trekking. As a city dweller, I also always find it exciting to discover outdoor products that are suitable for urban use. I also write down what inspires me to make mountain hiking, minimalism and independence the central themes of my life.

I created the summit world in 2014. During this time my passion for the mountains is rekindled. The more I have dealt with mountain tours, equipment, technology, the whole preparation, the more I have developed the desire to just write it down. So the whole thing works linear here: I outline my personal development in the outodoor world, describe what is going well, what is not going well, what is changing in my experience of the mountain world and the whole shebang. For example, for a long time I have preferred to make hut tours. In the meantime, however, it is the greatest happiness for me to go completely independently with the tent. That brings then naturally also more and different challenges with itself, which make large fun for me.

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My offer

All the usual blogger collaborations are possible on Gipfelwelt: product testimonials, destination testimonials, sponsored posts, banner ads, guest posts and more. So just get in touch with your idea, and then we can see if it fits.

As a freelancer I am of course always open for jobs as a writer and editor around my topics mountain hiking, minimalism and independence. If you are looking for support and would like to know more, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Raffaele Nostitz


Please take care! Hiking and mountaineering, like all other sports, are risky and can even be fatal. They require personal responsibility, mental strength and a self-critical assessment of one's own abilities when it comes to the question of which tours are worth considering and what equipment is required for them. In addition, there are erratic weather changes, extreme weather situations, rock falls and other challenges.

I describe here experience reports and experiences, which arose situationally and can only serve as orientation. Any liability for accuracy. Completeness of the information provided is excluded.


This is a private website, all rights reserved. This side is provided, so far not expressly differently characterized, without co-operation, financial or direct influence of natural or legal entities.

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