10 Days 9 nights

10 Days 9 nights

Day 1: Own arrival by plane or by ferry. If arriving by plane, pick up the rental car at Vagar Airport and upon arrival by ferry in Tórshavn, continue your journey andOvernight stay in Vagar.

Day 2: Our recommendation: Take a trip to the island of Mykines, the bird paradise. From the harbor of Sørvágur (where you leave your car) you take the ferry to the beautiful island of Mykines. Upon arrival, you will be met by a local guide and have the opportunity to observe many different bird species up close. This westernmost island is the most fascinating for birdwatchers – countless gannets and puffins breed on Mykines. Packed lunch is included. Overnight stay in Vagar.

Day 3: Heading north, you should take a trip to the fascinating bird cliffs of Vestmanna. In the boat we pass vertical rocks. Through impressive caves. Visit the unique Saga Museum. Continue north to the village of Tjørnuvík, nestled between steep mountains. From here you can enjoy the view of the imposing stone pillars "Risin and Keelingin" ("the giant and the woman"). Continue towards the village of Eiði, where breathtaking scenery awaits you. Here you can see the highest mountain of the Faroe Islands, the 882 m high Slættaratindur. Stay overnight on Eysturoy.

Day 4: Enjoy the day in the village of Gjógv, known for its unique and natural harbor. Here you have the opportunity to take a short hike and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Ambadalur valley and the island of Kalsoy. Overnight stay on Eysturoy.

Day 5: Our recommendation: Drive towards the village of Søldarfjørður, where you can visit a Faroese family and get an insight into the private life of the Faroese people. Coffee and cake are served. Then continue your journey towards Leirvík. Continue through the underwater tunnel to Klaksvík. From there you can comfortably explore the northern islands. On the island of Viðoy z. B. Lies the northernmost village of the Faroe Islands, Viðareiði, which is definitely worth a visit. Overnight stay in the Northern Islands.

Day 6: We recommend a visit to the island of Kunoy in the morning. From the village of the same name you have a fantastic view of the island of Kalsoy. Above the village is a cozy little park. According to the legend there is a wooden plank of Noah's ark on a mountain on Kunoy – overgrown with shells and seaweed. Many a hiker thought they had spotted the plank in veils of mist. In the afternoon you will take the ferry from Tórshavn to the beautiful island of Suðuroy, the southernmost island with a beautiful landscape. Overnight at Suðuroy. Explore the fantastic viewpoints of Suðuroy. The main village of Tvøroyri where you can see the historic buildings of Danish trading houses. Make a detour to the cozy pub by the harbor. Overnight stay on Suðuroy.

Day 8: Return by ferry toTórshavn. Enjoy the day in the capital and make a detour to Kirkjubøur, the historical and cultural center of the Faroe Islands. Olav's church and the oldest preserved farm from the Viking Age, King Kirkjubour's farm, show an impressive Faroese history. Overnight stay Tórshavn.

Day 9: Our recommendation: Visit the green, beautiful island of Sandoy, also known as "Saga Island" Called. Sandoy is rather flat. The island has great historical wealth. Offers a wonderful nature. You will take the ferry from Gamlarætt harbor to Skopun on Sandoy. Visit the villages Dalur and Húsavík, which are situated in beautiful surroundings. In the evening return journey and overnight stay in Tórshavn.

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