You are on the road with your e

You are on the road with your e

Colorful present the wide fields with rape, poppies and cornflowers. Drive through dreamy villages with historic estates and churches, visit artists and craftsmen in their studios and exhibitions.

The "Tour of the Stones are several tourist daily stages or a big tour through the coastal foreland. You can't miss the large boulders along the route, which serve as waymarkers.

The Recknitztal roundtrip is a delightful alternative to a day at the beach. The stage goes from the Baltic Sea beach, along the Recknitz river through Marlow and Bad Sülze.

Bike rentals can be found in Marlow and Ribnitz-Damgarten. In Marlow also with the special feature to exchange the bike for a stretch times with a canoe, transport service included.

Bed+Bike facilities guarantee a dense network of overnight accommodations – even for one night.

Cycling enthusiasts get their money's worth every year at the end of April. The Scan-Haus-Cup Marlow is the biggest cycling event in the north. Cycling race of the "top class Attracts licensed riders and everymen who also compete in challenging courses.

Tour suggestions

The adventure tour brochure presents 14 bike tours that will take you to the most beautiful places in the Recknitz Valley. Here are some examples. You can find the maps for the tours in our adventure tour brochure.

Tour 1: Recknitztal round trip through the lower Recknitz valley (40 km)

You will pass through Damgarten, Daskow, Pantlitz, Tribohm and Marlow, ultimately arriving back in Damgarten. Among the points of interest along the route are the St.-Bartholomäus Church in Damgarten, Pütnitz Castle, Pantlitz Bicycle Church and Tribohm Fieldstone Church. More about the tour.

Tour 4: Southern bike pilgrimage – A stretch of the Via Baltica (31 km)

The bike pilgrimage takes them from Marlow via Bad Sülze to Kölzow and back to Marlow. On this tour you can expect three impressive churches: the town church Marlow, the town church Bad Sülze and the fieldstone church Kölzow. On the way, you can pay a visit to the ton-studio-m1 pottery, explore the Salt Museum in Bad Sülze or take a relaxing break at Landhaus Schloss Kölzow. More about the Tour. This tour takes you to the southern edge of the Recknitz valley. Introduces you to the Mecklenburg parkland. Start of the tour is the flower city Tessin, further it goes to Selpin, Wesseldorf, Goritz and Wohrenstorf. Destination is again Ticino. The sights along the route include the Old Sugar Factory in Tessin, the Wesselsdorf Manor House with adjacent park, the Wohrenstorf Manor House, the Prangenberg lookout tower in Tessin and the "Tessiner Südsee" natural outdoor swimming pool. More about the tour.

Tour 12: From the Bodden to the Binnenlad (37 km)

Start of the tour is the Vineta town Barth. From there you go via Kenz, Starkow, Langenhanshagen, to Divitz and back to Barth. Along the route it is worthwhile to visit for example the Norddeutsches Bibelzentrum in Barth, the Gesundbrunnen in Kenz, the historic Pfarrgarten in Starkow or the Ostseemühle in Langenhanshagen. More about the tour.

Guided bike tours

The bird park region Recknitztal you can not only explore on your own. Experience the special flora. Fauna during a guided bike tour. The ADFC Rostock and Nature Travel MV offer guided bike tours on various topics.

E-filling station

You are on the road with your e-bike and want to charge up? Then take a break at the salt museum Mecklenburg. While your bike is refueling, you can take a leisurely stroll through the museum or the nearby Bad Sülze spa park.

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