When the truck is on strike

When the truck is on strike

As with a car, the first thing to do is to see if the truck cannot be repaired on the spot with the help of the breakdown service so that it can continue to operate on the road by itself. If this is not the case, the truck towing may be necessary. Before towing, make sure that the trailer can be detached from the truck. If this is possible, it must be removed. If, on the other hand, the trailer cannot be detached, the police must be called in addition to the Munich towing service, as the entire truck must then be towed away. If you want to tow a KW to the nearest workshop in Munich and the surrounding area, you should not be a layman when it comes to trucks. Because here specialist knowledge around the truck is in demand, so that this can be taken up without further damage. This is especially necessary because the propshaft must be unhooked before "towing a truck". Otherwise, it can quickly happen that a transmission is damaged or oil leaks out.

The truck – a case for the professionals

For this reason, a broken-down truck is very often not transported by private individuals, but by professional towing companies from Munich. These then come with a vehicle specially equipped for trucks, which offers a greater number of techniques to put the tractor of the truck on the loading area and so the "truck towing" is no problem. The breakdown technicians also have years of experience. The necessary expertise around the truck. Furthermore, the professional towing service can also transport the damaged truck via other routes – this is not allowed in a normal towing. In this case, it may only be towed a short distance to the nearest possible exit or workshop.

The cost of towing

If a professional towing service is needed to tow a truck, the driver has two options. Either he can choose a company that specializes in towing trucks or request a tow truck through one of the countless automobile clubs. This work is of course not free, and may involve some costs. To calculate the exact cost, some factors are necessary. This includes the size of the truck, how much weight must be loaded, which towing vehicle is necessary, the time, the working time of the breakdown service and the custody fees of the truck stand. These costs can then vary from company to company. Make up a range from 200 to 1000 euros. The weight factor in particular plays a significant role here. If the truck instead works for a company that is a member of one of the automobile clubs, then things look a little different. Then you should find out whether the cost of towing a truck may be covered in full or up to a certain amount by the automobile club.

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