When the coach had whistled once

Especially Mr. Dennis Lorenz, sports coordinator of the city of Achim, and Mr. Alex Jung, youth coach for mini basketball in Bassen, we have to thank for the fact that on Wednesday two stars of the Polar Bears Karvel Anderson and Sebastian Schmitt with the coach Dejan Stojanowski were at the school to make basketball more popular and to promote their sport.

All students and teachers could experience the stars very closely.

When the coach had whistled once

On Thursday and Friday, each class was trained by a professional coach and introduced to the sport of basketball with games and a lot of fun.

We would like to thank the team of the Polar Bears, the coach Mr. Dejan Stojanovski as well as Mr. Lorenz and Mr. Jung for this great project, which was very well received by all of us. The sport of basketball has certainly gained some new players.

Some children also wrote reports:

The Polar Bears from Bremerhaven

At our school there were two professional basketball players, Sebastian and Karvell, and the coach, Dean.

On Wednesday, 08.03.2017, all children went to the gym. There we were allowed to ask the good basketball players many questions.

When the coach had whistled once

After that they showed us tricks. They had two or three competitions among themselves. Whoever lost had to do ten push-ups.

When the coach had whistled once

Then we had a competition with kids who volunteered to play. There were two groups of six children. The first group to shoot ten baskets was the winner.

At the end we took pictures. Whoever wanted could get a signature on the basketball.

All children were really looking forward to the polar bears from Bremerhaven.

When the coach had whistled once

On Thursday 09.03.2017, our class was with the coach Dejan in the gym. We had to take our sports clothes. Putting on sneakers. When the coach blew the whistle once, we had to hold the ball properly. When he blew the whistle twice, we had to go to him. After that we dribbled through the whole hall. Then we did some exercises. We had to dribble from one line to the other. Afterwards we played another basketball game. At the end we said thank you.

We were very glad and happy that the Polar Bears from Bremerhaven had come.

Miriam, class 4a

On Wednesday, the Polar Bears Bremerhaven came to our school. They showed us how to dribble and shoot baskets. It was a lot of fun. I took a lot of pictures.

Lara-Maria, class 3a

Today two players of the Eisbären Bremerhaven were in our school. Their names were Basti and Karvel. The two players showed tricks, made free throws from the three-, two- and one-point line. There were also autographs. After that we shot baskets.

Niklas, class 3a

When the coach had whistled once

I thought it was great and exciting that the Bremerhaven professional basketball players were at our school. They showed us many interesting things. I thought it was stupid that no child from class 3a was chosen to throw the ball. Super great were the autographs!

Joel, class 3a

When the coach had whistled once

During the basketball game the professional basketball players gave us a demonstration. Afterwards we took photos. After the photos, we could get a signature from the professionals or the trainer. Meanwhile, the others who did not want to get autographs could still play a little basketball. The best thing was that we could still play basketball.

Samuel, class 3a

The coach and the two players from basketball were in the school gym today. I got an autograph on my sneaker. The players and coach were from the Bremerhaven Polar Bears. It was a gaaaaaanng great day! ICE BEARS! :-)

Samira, Class 3a

The basketball players of the Eisbären from Bremerhaven were there to answer our questions. I found it stupid that when the teams were chosen, none of the 3a were chosen. Then we all got autographs. After that we could play some basketball. I realized that I would also like to be a basketball player one day.

Leyla, class 3a

On Wednesday 07.03.2017, two players from the Polar Bears were there. Namely Sebastian and Karvell. There was also a trainer. The first thing they did was introduce themselves. We were allowed to ask questions. Afterwards they showed us tricks. Have shot baskets. Right after that they took 6 kids each and they played against each other: whoever has 10 baskets first, wins. After that we got autographs.

The next day we had training with the trainer. About 10 minutes later, almost everyone was exhausted. One exercise was to throw the ball up, clap your hands, tap your shoulders over Kreutz, clap under your leg and catch it. We didn't shoot so many baskets but what we did was a lot of fun. Then the training was unfortunately already over. School were. First we were allowed to ask the three questions. Afterwards they showed us basketball tricks. First we were allowed to ask the three questions. Afterwards they showed us basketball tricks. The two pros and the trainer did a little challenge against each other and whoever lost had to do 10 push-ups. Then the two players each picked six children. Made a competition in throwing baskets. Whoever was the first to shoot 10 baskets was the winner! Sebastian's team won!!!

Finally, each class took a picture with the two players and we were allowed to get autographs! We had a lot of fun!

Connor, class 4a

Training with the professional trainer

On Thursday we had a sports lesson with the trainer of the Eisbären Bremerhaven. The first thing we did was get to know each other. After that we dribbled through the gym and shot baskets.

Afterwards we played a game. Once the coach blew the whistle, we had to hold on to the ball. When he blew the whistle twice, we had to come to him and hold the ball there.

At the end we played clean up. Everyone dribbled through the hall and two had no ball and had to try to fish the ball out.

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