When the animal hits the car what to consider in wildlife accidents

When the animal hits the car what to consider in wildlife accidents

Often underestimated danger and v. A. In Bavaria frequent cause of accidents: game accidents can become very fast dangerous and expensive with wrong handling

Whether due to collisions or evasive maneuvers: All too often, wild animals are the cause of traffic accidents, some of which result in considerable property damage and/or personal injury. No wonder, because even at an impact speed of 60 km/h, the force with which a simple wild boar smashes into the front of a vehicle is equivalent to the weight of a full-grown rhinoceros.

It is therefore all the more important for drivers to know the correct procedure in such cases and to behave correctly even if a collision is unavoidable.

Before the collision

The most basic point right away: Increased caution is required above all in the months of September to January and July to August, and here v. A. At dusk, at night and in fog. In particular game change signs should not be ignored lightly – early attention as well as an adapted speed can already contribute here to the accident avoidance.

If, however, larger wild animals suddenly cross the road, you should heed the advice that you usually remember from driving lessons: dim your lights, brake and honk your horn. Under no circumstances should you swerve, especially not in the case of small wild animals. The danger of losing control of your own vehicle is simply too great, which is why it is highly likely that the journey will end in oncoming traffic or on a tree. In contrast, the direct collision with the wild animal is usually less serious.

After the collision

If a collision is no longer avoidable despite all the aforementioned actions, it is important to know and observe a number of other measures:

First of all – as with any traffic accident – the accident site must be secured by means of hazard warning lights and a warning triangle, injured persons must be cared for and, if necessary, the police must be contacted. Call the emergency services.

The wildlife accident must then be reported – unless it involves only small animals such as hedgehogs. In any case, the police must be informed, ideally also the local hunter. If this is not known, it is then informed by the police.

If the wild animal was killed in the collision, it must be placed on the side of the road to prevent subsequent accidents. Due to the risk of infection, the animal should never be handled with bare hands or. Only to be handled with gloves. Injured game, on the other hand, should never be touched, because in panic it can become dangerous or. Can become aggressive – wait here for the arrival of the hunter.

Under no circumstances should you take the dead animal with you or simply leave it there without reporting it and drive on. Here a punishability comes because of poaching and/or. Unauthorized removal from the scene of an accident can be considered.

Finally, one should document the accident photographically and obtain a sog. Have a "game damage certificate" issued – because this is subsequently v. A. Relevant for the claim for damages at the insurer!

And who pays for the damage now?

In insurance-legal regard already the partial comprehensive insurer pays damage, which developed with the collision of the vehicle in motion with hair game (approximately wild boars, deer, roe deer, foxes or hares).

Important: If the driver avoids the suddenly appearing game and it comes to a damage event, the partial cover insurer does not pay if it is a small animal. In such cases of evasion, the insurer regularly pays only from the size of wild boar, because in the case of small animals, the damage in the event of collision is usually less than after an evasive maneuver. In cases of evasion therefore pays the damage to other vehicles, crash barriers, etc. Only the liability insurance and the damage to the own vehicle the comprehensive insurance.

Finally also the "mere" strong braking can become unexpectedly expensive for animal lovers. This is namely according to.

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