When one of the two is triggered

When one of the two is triggered

Othe One Cancels The Other (OCO) Order combines two orders. When one is triggered, the other is automatically cancelled. This ensures that only one order is executed, regardless of the price movement. Register now Or test a demo account …

OCO Orders in MetaTrader OCO Orders are not included in MetaTrader by default. If you want to use it, you need to download an Expert Advisor (EA) to add the desired function to the platform.

OCO Orders are therefore a very useful tool for the trader. To practice trading with this type of order, a demo account is useful. This is because you do not trade with real money, rather the broker provides you with a virtual balance.

The ~-Function is a simple but powerful tool that allows you and other Binance users to trade in a safer and more versatile way. This special type of order can be useful for securing profits, limiting risks and even entering and exiting positions.

Also called: ~-Order, Related Trade Orders The investor can place two orders (related trade orders) of which only the first one will be executed. Such an order sequence is useful to hedge a security in both directions: If the price rises, the sell limit automatically takes effect.

The One Cancels Other (~) is an order supplement on the exchanges. If an investor places two orders in opposite directions, only the one that corresponds to the price trend of the underlying security will be executed. This is explained by an example.

~ – One Cancels the Other One ~-Order is when one order is executed, specified and another order is automatically cancelled for it. Oops! Pattern …

~ Order One ~ Order (One cancels the other Order) is a combination of two orders, for example to set a buy stop and a sell stop order at different price levels at the same time. If one of the two orders is executed, the other one is cancelled immediately. Note …

~ – One Cancels the Other/~ – One cancels the other A conditional order where the execution of one part of the order automatically cancels the other part. Open order/Open order …

~-Order ("one cancels other"-Order) The ~-Order ( one cancels other, "order cancels order" or "alternative order") is composed of two separate orders, both of which are individually noted on an order ticket as order components and are henceforth also handled as a unit.

One cancels another When one order is executed, another is canceled.

OCA stands for "One cancels another", i.E. "One cancels the other" order This type of order is also known as"~" – "One cancels Other". This order type does exactly what its name suggests. One sets two orders, a buy limit order and a sell limit order.

Conversion with ~-Order The practical implementation of profit taking is best done with a so-called One Cancels Other Order, in short ~-Order. This is a combination order. The execution of one order leads to the automatic cancellation of the other order.

One-Cancels-the-Other (~) By entering a one-cancels-the-other order, a trader enters two orders simultaneously. As soon as one order is executed, the other order is automatically cancelled.

One-Cancels-Other (~) The One-Cancels-Other-Order is a type of order that in principle consists of two mutually exclusive normal orders, but is handled as a unit. In this case, the client sets an upper. A lower order limit fixed.

An alternative order, also called ~-Order ('one cancels other' order) consists of two separate partial orders, which are recorded together on one order ticket. As soon as one of the two partial orders is executed, the other one is cancelled. Stands z. B.

One-Cancels-Other (~) When you use this order, you place two orders in the market one after the other. This gives you a lower. One upper order limit set. If either order is executed, the other order is automatically cancelled.

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) is NinjaTrader's signature ordering technology that allows you to pre-define personal trade management strategies including; multiple profit targets and stop loss orders, one-cancels-other (~) orders, auto-breakeven stops, TRAILING stops and more.

The fifth most common order type is the so-called One-Cancels-Other order (~-Order). This is a combination order, as it consists of two individual orders that were placed at the same time, but are mutually exclusive in meaning.

Stop buy order to be placed just above the high of the outside bar – the SL to the low of the outside bar, linked as a ~. Short when the Outside Day low is undercut. Stop Sell Order just below the low of the outside bar – the SL to the high of the outside bar, linked as ~.

One cancels other order (~) is set when several orders for the same security are entered at the same time. As soon as one order from this order group is executed, the other orders are cancelled. Margin …

Supported orders: Stop, Limit, One-Cancel-Other (~), Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Market, Take Profit. Automatic trading (TradeStation and EasyLanguage), supported languages C # and VB.NET, backtester and strategy optimizer, market scanner (instruments ranking and filter options).

Comfort order options include Trailing Stop, Next Order, One Cancels Other (~) as well as a hedging order. Live Trading …

Explanation of the most important Dax or EUR USD moving EU and US economic figures, terms around the central banks like ECB and Fed or descriptions of trading terms like Fill, ~-Orders or Lot as Forex trading size for example for the currency pair EUR USD.

As a trading idea, it is advisable to place a stop buy order just above the high of the inside bar – the SL at the low of the inside bar. And a stop sell order just below the low of the inside bar – the SL to the high of the inside bar. Linked as ~. The risk is easy to calculate.

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