What it means to be a man

What it means to be a man

No question: men tick differently than women. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's admittedly a cause for concern, and the differences are already noticeable at a young age. While girls often like to play with dolls, boys prefer to push cars across the play carpet. Is this a cliché or are children brought up according to their gender in such a way that they are interested in one and less in the other?? The question is also scientifically not clearly clarified, but the preference for hobbies, with which women can generally do less, can also be observed with increasing age. We have listed a few popular pastimes for men.

Cars and motorcycles

The preference for cars and motorcycles begins already in the kindergarten and does not let go the men also later any more. The car is their favorite child. Motorcycles are more than just a way of life for them. When the wind blows around their noses, when they are literally whipped into a frenzy by the speed, then for them it is nothing less than freedom. The own car is cherished, polished and tuned. Some are more into sports cars with a lot of horsepower, others into convertibles, and still others into classic old-timers. A look into a man's garage reveals more about him than anything else.


Do-it-yourself is more than a hobby, often it is also a compulsory program. Who hangs the pictures on the walls? Who installs light fixtures, assembles cabinets and makes home repairs? Most of the time it is the man who picks up the hammer and screwdriver, because tools – especially those with noise potential – have been a passion of many young and old boys since the Stone Age. And as the cliché would have it, do-it-yourselfers always have good chances with the female sex. Men who are able to tackle and do not have two left hands make women's hearts beat faster – especially in summer when working in the garden with a steeled upper body!

Model railroad

Men remain boys forever, they only grow. At the latest when the offspring arrives, even adults quickly get shiny eyes as soon as the offspring of the family has discovered a new toy for itself. But not only with the things of the son is gladly played, often men are also pleased, if they have a model railroad in the hobby cellar. The miniature worlds fascinate and with love you create landscapes, routes and small towns. And when the man can finally operate the control panel and the moves are set in motion, the joy is boundless.


If the kitchen is usually the realm of the woman, the man is at home in the garden season at the grill. The stronger sex often has little to do with pots and pans, but there's no stopping the man around the open fire. From sausages to spare ribs, burgers to even grilled vegetables, when it comes to sauces, marinades and seasonings, no one is going to beat them anytime soon. With good friends and a bottle of beer in hand, barbecuing is simply part of summer for many people! Men risk more than women. Then they are all the more happy about every win. It's no wonder, then, that casinos and online casinos are dominated by men. No matter if roulette or card games, dice or slot machines – big boys are quick at it.

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