What do you put back.

What do you put back.

What do you cover?Limitless mobility characterizes our social system. It opens up many possibilities. Means simply also a piece of "freedom". We are actually already aware that every distance traveled consumes energy and thus has an impact on the climate. The further away and the faster on the road, the greater the negative impact on the climate as a rule.

The conclusion: When it comes to climate protection, there is no getting around the need to take a self-critical look at one's own mobility behavior. And this is where it gets down to the nitty-gritty: sacrifices, restrictions, inconvenience, parting with old habits! So one could characterize the concomitants negatively, something for the climatic protection within the range traffic to do.

But you can also take a positive approach and take many small steps:

Pedelecs – cycling as if electrified

If you are planning to buy a new bike, you might want to think about buying an electric bike. Electric bikes are the mobility of the 21st century. Century. They combine a sustainable healthy lifestyle with the comfort demands of our generation. They bring our mobility in line with the careful treatment of our nature. Bicycles with electric motors make cycling easy and relaxed. They bring back pure enjoyment and for some the joy of cycling, for which cycling was too strenuous until now.

An electric bicycle is a bicycle with electric auxiliary or additional drive, according to today's linguistic usage also a hybrid bicycle. The trend here is clearly toward the so-called "pedelec" to. With a "pedelec (pedal-electric) you basically have to pedal if you want to get ahead. Therefore, this type is also the better choice for fitness reasons (in contrast to the "e-bike"), here driving is possible like with a Mofa over a gas handle also without pedaling). With a usual nominal continuous power of no more than 250 watts, it supports the pedaling motion of riding up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

A pedelec is officially considered a bicycle, is not subject to helmet and insurance requirements, and may be ridden on bike paths. Depending on the use, the range of a battery is between 50 – 80 km. Must then be charged for an average of 5 hours. The acquisition costs of a good "Pedelec" are around 1.500 Euro upwards. Today there are already more than 120 different products on the German market, so that orientation is needed. Either at a specialized dealer in the proximity or also in the Internet over the non-profit association ExtraEnergy. Here you will find a lot of information about the Pedelic and also current test reports.

Use public transport

In the district of Pinneberg there is a well-developed transport network. Of course, not every place is directly connected to every place with perfect frequency, but many connections are really fast. The conscious choice of means of transport also contributes to climate protection: For short journeys, leave the car behind and switch to the bicycle or public transport; for longer distances within Germany, check the local and long-distance rail services.

Car pooling – an alternative?

A sensible way of getting to work in a more environmentally friendly way, using your own car less and minimizing your own travel costs, is to carpool. For all commuters of the circle Pinneberg there is for it since beginning of May an interesting alternative: The commuter portal in the Internet. The Internet offer, which is free and non-binding for all users, serves to bring together commuters from work and other regular commuters. The goal is to form permanent carpools.

Plan the ways better

Let's be honest: Many routes can be optimized by bundling errands, combining visits, leisure time and activities with a view to "avoiding traffic" better plans. An example: The necessary bulk purchase at the weekend can perhaps be shifted to the week. This can be combined with the child's music lessons in the city. They can often be used for weekend activities.

Just take the time to plan a bit. You create free space. May be fewer on the road overall.

Avoiding flights

Airplanes still emit a high amount of pollutants. Especially domestic flights can often be avoided. But even for long-distance travel, rail. Even coaches the more environmentally friendly choice.

For unavoidable flights there is www.Atmosfair.Offers the option of calculating and offsetting the emissions generated by the vehicle. You voluntarily pay for the greenhouse gases caused by your flight. The money is invested, for example, in solar, hydroelectric, biomass or energy-saving projects in developing countries in order to save a lot of greenhouse gases there, which have a comparable effect on the climate as the emissions from airplanes. Your money helps make these projects possible.

Making the right choice when buying a car

When buying a new car, pay attention to fuel consumption and emission levels, and factor in your living conditions. If you live in the city and frequently drive short distances, a different vehicle is suitable for you than for long-distance drivers. Natural gas vehicles are worthwhile for families, as they are particularly economical in consumption and emit fewer pollutants. A sensible purchase recommendation can be found at www.Better-car-buying.En/.

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