War and peace from the archive of literary criticism.de

War and peace from the archive of literary criticism.de

The unlosable of the maltreated language. Jana Hrdličková traces the 'madness of the century' and its poetology in "Second World War and Shoah in German-language Hermetic Poetry after 1945" – and convinces with a sharpened view of German-language poetry after 1945 By Simon Scharf Issue 02-2022

Female theater of war or peace? Lee Teodora Gušić's work on the female theatrical voice on the post-Yugoslav wars By Sotirios Agrofylax Issue 01-2022

Love and politics in times of war. Vojin Saša Vukadinović reissues the novel "Rendezvous in Manhattan" by Grete Hartwig-Manschinger, a writer driven into exile by the Nazis By Rolf Löchel Issue 12-2021

Unreliable war correspondents. Miljenko Jergović's novel "The Red Jaguar," a reckoning By Johann Holzner Issue 11-2021

"Dove of Peace in the Crosshairs" – a novel by Canadian diplomat and writer Ian Thomas Shaw Issue 10-2021

Alive by chance. Dan Diner shows in his book "Another War, Jewish Palestine and the Second World War 1935 – 1942" how the Yishuv escaped the murder of Jews By Sylke Kirschnick Issue 09-2021

War, State, Society. An anthology edited by Bruno Cabanes illuminates the dimensions of a global "history of war" since the late 18. Century from By Jens Flemming Issue 06-2021

A peace treaty for Israel and Palestine in the novel "Quill of the Dove" by Ian Thomas Shaw – translated by Heide Fruth-Sachs Issue 05-2021

Bombs over Spain. Rüdiger Reinecke analyzes German-language and international literature on the Spanish Civil War in "Gernika and the Air War against the Spanish Republic (1936-1939)" By Georg Pichler Issue 10-2020

Male individual massacres, collectively permitted for thousands of years. Christina Lamb presents depressing reportage on wartime rape in "Our Bodies Are Your Battlefield" By Kai Sammet Issue 02-2021

Partisan, autocrat and peace broker. Marie-Janine Calic's Tito biography fascinates with its narrative art By Franz Sz. Horváth Issue 11-2020

Sly as a wolf. In "Caribou," Canadian author Kevin Major tells deeply humanistic tales of fates in submarine warfare By Rainer Rönsch Issue 10-2020

Russia, what will be? Volume 1 of Mikhail Prishvin's "Diaries" offers a careful selection of his notes from the years of revolution and civil war By Daniel Henseler Issue 08-2020

Love in times of the Vietnam War. Richard Russo's novel "Beyond Expectations" shows the dark side of the American dream By Bernhard Walcher Issue 07-2020

On the road to the south. And again Dave Eggers is on the road, this time building roads in a developing country plagued by civil war By Sascha Seiler Issue 06-2020

The Weeks Before the World Fire. Hauke Friederichs shows in "Flying Sparks. August 1939: "The summer before the war began" the last struggle for peace just before the outbreak of World War II By Jonas Heß Issue 02-2020

Military geniuses. Helmut Neuhold decodes "War strategies: from antiquity to today" By Katharina Kemmer Issue 01-2020

Everyday War. In his novel "Gray Bees," Andrei Kurkov once again calls to mind the political situation in Ukraine, creating a form of magical realism all his own By Manfred Roth Issue 11-2019

Monika Wolting on "The new war novel. Representations of the Afghanistan war in contemporary German literature" Issue 06-2019

Intervening thinking in dark times. Philosopher Frieder Otto Wolf outlines fields of intervention of a modern and practical humanism By Norbert Mecklenburg Issue 09-2019

A chain of world moments. Jörn Leonhard describes the years between 1918 and 1923 as "overtaxed peace" By Karl Adam Issue 11-2018

Revolutionary restlessness: Germany between war and peace. Andreas Platthaus describes the months from November 1918 to summer 1919 By Jens Flemming Issue 11-2018

I Have a Dream: on the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King 50 years ago Issue 04-2018

Growing up in the war. Friedemann Fromm's "Die Freibadclique" shows great acting skills By Julia Heimlich Issue 12-2017

Friendship, war and peace. Of ghost battles. Peacemakers. About two representations of the Reformation, the year 1517 and a newly published writing by Erasmus of Rotterdam By Stefan Jäger Issue 11-2017

War and peace as a perpetual motion machine. Enlightened pacifism. Lasting peace. Has the peace between Israelis. Palestinians a chance today? Moshe Zuckermann analyzes the history of a century-long conflict with Marx and Freud – and looks for paths that could point to the future By Bernd Nitzschke Issue 08-2017

War and peace as cultural signatures of the 18. Century. Stefanie Stockhorst edits an important volume on the discourse of war and peace in the Age of Enlightenment By Daniele Vecchiato Issue 03-2016

Looking for the smile of God. Akram Aylisli's novel "Stone Dreams" – a controversial commitment to peace By Elnura Jivazada Issue 03-2016

A true, but probably not always entirely truthful, campaigner for peace. Brigitte Hamann's Bertha von Suttner biography is now also available in paperback By Rolf Löchel Issue 11-2015

On the 2015 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade awarded to Navid Kermani: from the literaturkritik archive.En issue 07-2015

An anthology edited by Christian Boller, Felix Linzner, Marta Leonora Frank, and Karl Braun highlights the last year of peace before World War I Issue 06-2015

War and Religion. Harmut Zinser looks at the relationship between war and religion and asks what needs to be done to make religions a force for peace By Julian Köck Issue 05-2015

No war stops just because the weapons are silent. Marica Brodrožić recalls the country of her childhood in her book "My White Peace" By Andreas Hudelist Issue 12-2014

The "Christmas truce" in the war 100 years ago. And the story "The Enemy" by Erich Maria Remarque By Thomas Anz Issue 12-2014

Mourning the death of Georg Trakl. To a poem written by Else Lasker-Schüler in 1917 By Thomas Anz Issue 11-2014

Stupid capitalist peace. Difficult birth of a pacifist: Hermann Hesse's letters from 1905 to 1915 By Oliver Pfohlmann Issue 08-2014

German Poetry in the First World War – edited by Thomas Anz and Joseph Vogl Issue 08-2014

War and Peace. Bernd Hüppauf's monumental cultural history of war By Jonas Nesselhauf Issue 07-2014

The First World War in colorful pictures. The graphic novel "The war is over" by Philippe Delestre and Philippe Claudel as a sign for peace in Europe By Cédric Piette Issue 07-2014

Peace engineers and peace warriors. Gerhard Senft gathers in "Peace warriors of the hinterland. 'World War I and contemporary antimilitarism' texts critical of war By Julian Nordhues Issue 07-2014

Peace to the huts! War with the palaces! About Georg Büchner and the origin of the "Hessischer Landbote" from Darmstadt, Strasbourg, Giessen, Butzbach and Marburg By Burghard Dedner Issue 10-2013

Vision of a Europe united in peace. A publication on the painter-prince and painter-diplomat Peter Paul Rubens, who was active throughout Europe By Klaus Hammer Issue 01-2013

This book wants to serve peace. On the new edition of the documentary "The German People Accuse" published in 1936 in exile in Paris By Kurt Schilde Issue 07-2012

Günter Grass and "What has to be said". Small defense of a fiercely attacked peace poem By Thomas Anz Issue 05-2012

Message of peace. Matt Beynon Rees has a message for those involved in the Middle East conflict. "The Brooklyn Assassin" Combines Political Message and Crime Story By Walter Delabar Issue 12-2011

Who actually owns the past? Kathrin Schödel's study of Martion Walser's "Peace Prize Speech" takes a close look at a provocateur By Christian Rink Issue 11-2011

Who actually owns the past? Kathrin Schödel's study of Martin Walser's "Peace Prize Speech" takes a close look at a provocateur By Christian Rink Issue 11-2011

Montages against the image terror. A short foray through the history of artistic and scientific criticism of the power of audiovisual war propaganda: Bertolt Brecht, Elfriede Jelinek, Gerhard Paul By Jan Süselbeck Issue 10-2011

The fight against oblivion. On the death of Peace Prize winner Jorge Semprún By Peter Mohr Issue 07-2011

War and peace. Even 150 years after the birth of the last German emperor, the opinions of biographers about the "personal regiment" of Wilhelm II are divided. Far apart By Jörg von Bilavsky Issue 03-2010

In search of the "House of Peace. Nuruddin Farah's novel "Nets" focuses on the return of a Somali woman to her homeland, which is scarred by civil war and decay By Behrang Samsami Issue 03-2010

The playful peace maker. To the 80. Birthday of Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész By Peter Mohr Issue 11-2009

The second modern god. Ulrich Beck writes about the peacemaking capacity of religions By Kai Köhler Issue 03-2009

On the contingency of modern war. A rereading of Lew N. Tolstoy's Great Novel "War and Peace" – on Given Occasion By Jan Süselbeck Issue 12-2008

Rêver la paix: Dreams of peace. An Exhibition on the First World War in Péronne By Jasmin Grande Issue 11-2008

The presence of war in peace. On the mental-historical phenomenon of the brutalization of political culture in the Weimar Republic By Gerd Krumeich Issue 11-2008

Peace on earth. David Peace evokes a longing for another world By Walter Delabar Issue 06-2008

Glorification of war in the name of peace. Olaf Müller examines French antiwar literature from the period between the world wars By Magnus Klaue Issue 12-2006

Sack race, cheer, cry. Friederike Mayroecker's Latest Heartfelt Poems and Ernst Jandel's "Letters from the War 1943-1946" By Rolf-Bernhard Essig Issue 12-2005

Iraqi cutthroats, American dog handlers and Jesus W. Bush. "Bambiland" and "Babel" – Elfriede Jelinek's Theater Texts against the Iraq War By Rolf Löchel Issue 04-2005

The fatherland in the swamp. "Twenty Years and a Day," the new novel by Peace Prize winner Jorge Semprún By Peter Mohr Issue 04-2005

The reconciling peacemaker. As of 75. Birthday of the Nobel laureate Imre Kertész on 9. November By Peter Mohr Issue 11-2004

Denied war. Michael Jürgs tells the forgotten story of a "small peace in the Great War" at Christmas 1914 on the Western Front By H.-Georg Lützenkirchen Issue 09-2004

The biggest theater in the world. Kafka and the war By Thomas Anz Issue 08-2004

Nothing so sacred as the right of other people. Otfried Höffe's Studies on Immanuel Kant's Ethics of Law, State and Peace By Arnd Beise Issue 02-2004

Peace demonstration. For Old America – A speech to schoolchildren By Reinhard Brandt Issue 05-2003

Pax Americana or "Intelligent Peace? Left positions on international politics in the post 11.

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