Travel preparations

The rental car trip through Abu Dhabi and the UAE – preparationsIf the trip should not only lead to the fascinating city of Abu Dhabi, but also include some of the sights in the surrounding area and in the other six emirates, a rental car is recommended. If, on the other hand, the vacation is to be spent alone in Abu Dhabi, it is wiser to use the inexpensive cabs – this way the inexperienced can avoid the annoying search for a parking space and maneuvering in the more than lively city traffic.

Travel preparations

The rental car vacation in the UAE should be well prepared. A detailed travel guide and up-to-date maps help in planning the individual route. It is important to know how many kilometers you are willing to drive per day without the long stay in the car being a nuisance for driver and passengers. If one puts the booking of the hotels, which mark in each case the end of the daily stage, into the hands of a travel agency, one saves oneself problems.

A suitable rental car for the trip through the United Arab Emirates can be booked online before the start of the trip and picked up directly at the respective destination airport, such as Abu Dhabi Airport. Even those on short notice may still be able to find a good deal on a rental car, as all international car rental companies have a stand at Abu Dhabi Airport. However, it is faster and less stressful to choose the car well in advance – with the help of the travel agency, if you wish.

Which car is best suited for the Abu Dhabi round trip?

For the selection of the vehicle, it is useful to already live through the journey through Abu Dhabi or the other emirates in the mind's eye. Of course, all cars rented in the UAE are equipped with air conditioning, because the weather in Abu Dhabi simply makes this feature necessary. Nevertheless, the most diverse types are available. Regardless of the Emiratis' preference for stately jeeps, smaller limousines can also be rented. How the vehicle should be in terms of size and equipment depends not only on the personal budget, but also on other factors:

– How many people and luggage should be comfortably accommodated in the vehicle?
– Can the own Navi be supplemented by appropriate map material?
– Is a detour on unpaved roads planned (Caution: Danger to life!)?
– How long are the respective distances that have to be covered daily?
– Does the car rental company offer services like pick-up and drop-off at the hotel?
– Is the air conditioning powerful enough for crossing the desert areas??

International Driving License

The same regulations apply to renting a vehicle in Abu Dhabi and the other emirates as in most other countries around the world, and also an international driver's license is not officially necessary according to the Foreign Office. Some vacationers report that some rental car companies still ask for this document – but this has never happened to me. 4 times now I had already rented a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The question of an international document never arose.

Clear, If you want to be on the safe side, you should have the international driving license for your Abu Dhabi round trip issued by the responsible driving license authority. After a few weeks, the three-year voucher is available for collection for a fee. If you don't want to go to the authorities, please ask your car rental company about their conditions beforehand. Nota bene: Strictly speaking, the international driving license is only a translation document, which is why it is only valid in the United Arab Emirates together with the EU driving license.

Travel preparations of a mental nature

Of course not only the phase of the car rental should run as smoothly as possible, but also your entire vacation in Abu Dhabi. Please note that there are certain rules in the Muslim emirates that you should follow in order not to cause trouble. This way you will not only save yourself from snide looks, but in the worst case also from an early end of your vacation at a police station.

Surely you have heard or read about what is forbidden in Abu Dhabi. For that reason, I've summarized a few rules that always raise question marks among those willing to travel: Am I allowed in Abu Dhabi…??

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