Tired riders, horses the team.

Tired riders, horses the team.

Maybe it is interesting for one or the other to know, what actually is behind it, when a big course is planned.

I start in the hot phase. So one week before the start of the course.

By then we had divided all the groups. It was discussed how we distribute the horses, in nice weather *cough*, when who comes, when who wants to ride and which horse has what needs.

On monday the emails came in, when the course is and if you can watch it. Yes it was without restraint. Without payment! ^^ Every day more requests came.

I hope we could answer each!

Thursday: The first two horses arrived and were well stabled. The paddock liked. The hay was devoured. More cleaning was done, signs were fixed for orientation.

More emails, short panic if it would be possible to manage all this.

Friday: Except for one horse, all horses were "delivered" and housed. The indoor riding arena filled up with seven people for the warmup. Lord, that was full. Well as an old Raitersaicher it was still breezily empty :D Everyone could ride again and when the boss lady left it became quieter. Last arrangements were made. The team was divided. Cake, food, support etc.

Saturday: Alarm clock rings at 6:30am – oh man^^ Horses were fed, taken out and everything got ready. Slowly the first riders arrived to get ready (1). Of countless panic attacks of Claudia, who should ride Skeeto^^). Under the food pavilion there was a lot of activity. First sprint upstairs to the coffee machine. Bernd Hackl arrived in a good mood. Was led around by Evi. Jasmin and Claudia cared for and mucked out the horses. After the first coffee, the participants set off. Jasmin was steadily at the catering, Sabrina jogged up and down the hill with coffee. Black hole was discovered :D

The course started well and when Claudia finally sat on the horse, it was possible to watch briefly. Then it already went on. People and people came and the coffee became emptier and emptier (This mountain *gasp*).

Lunch break: While the participants had a good meal, Sabrina drove the tractor through the hall. The spectators dispersed to watch 50! Taking position on the grandstand again. Mona mucked out once, hay nets were filled and carried up and down the hill.

The afternoon went very well. The weather held. Claudia rode again and Evi tried, yes beside riding (how could she only!) to be the contact for all.

First day was done. Tired riders, horses…The team? Walked through the first pair of shoes.

After pulling the hall (Jasmin learns to drive a tractor – the hall is still standing)!) it went still comfortably meal. At 10PM all the lights went out zzzZZZ

Sunday: light snowfall has arrived. Horses all brought upstairs, tucked in, mucked out, fed, coffee fetched (jogging!).

It was quiet, too quiet in the stands. About 60 spectators per day. Even at the hall gate the fifth row was opened. In the hall but good working atmosphere. Everything went smoothly.

First shock: The heating failed! Thank God, you have good men at the yard, who helped energetically. Lunch break so chubby warm! Sabrina again pulling, Jasmin feeding and all mucking out. The weather meant it nja…Well with us. We were not washed away. Mona mucked again. But we would not be the SHRanch, if we could not accommodate all horses in such weather!

Coffee motor empty, cake…Yes where isser then?! Black cake-coffee hole!^^

In the afternoon, if you found a place, you could watch too. Old acquaintances were recruited to fetch coffee! Yes, that's how it works! Thanks to all spontaneous helpers. At the time, the team was clamoring for mileage (nope nothing exists, it's called sport!) and the second pair of shoes expired ..

The rush was enormous. Nevertheless, there was time for photos. Autographs for the little ones! Nothing knocks down a professional! Neither did our team!

The first ones are leaving, Mona is mucking out, Jasmin and Evi are always ready to help. Alina helps also energetically.

Grandma Elfriede, the good kitchen fairy, was also always on site! Here once from ALL a thick, thick, diiickes LOB! Our flagship for good food and best care! Yes here it goes familiarly!

The rows are thinning out…Haha not. Full house! But the horses left us little by little.

At the end remains a nice conversation of Bernd Hackl with the people and with the created team. Yes we are proud of ourselves RIGHT. But ready. We can no longer see coffee!^^

What remains at the very end? Cleaning up, taking off and the common meal with the family and helpers Evi and Jasmin!

It is discussed what can be done better – yes ne we are just horny! But HELLO!

After feeding, the happy yard horses (finally back in the box^^) it went to bed. Our dogs were already snoring at the time^^

A THANK YOU to all who have helped out. A good team is irreplaceable!

In addition to all recruited helpers, here's a thank you to:

– Evi for the Orga and the impeccable support

– Jasmin, who saw all the work and let the hall stand

– Claudia, who besides riding, always helped out and definitely presented Skeeto well

– Grandma Elfriede…What to say! Simply DELICIOUS. Always ready!

– Sabrina, yes what to write as a boss – It runs!

– Alina, who kept an eye on the work in between

– Did I forget anyone? If so, also YOU were TOPP!

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