Tips for motorcycle riders

Tips for motorcycle riders

Tips for motorcycle riders
This will make your motorcycle tour an unforgettable experience…
Even when planning a motorcycle tour, there is a lot to consider in advance, so nothing stands in the way of a carefree touring run!

Do a motorcycle check before starting your trip

The following checks are all the more important, the longer it has been since the last inspection date. However, the tests should only be carried out by yourself if sufficient experience and skills are available. Tire tread. Check air pressure. Adjust tire pressure to higher loads. Estimate the planned distance and expected remaining tread depth on the journey home and, if in doubt, replace tires, since tires of the correct dimension are often not available abroad, or are only available at great expense. – Check all oil levels (engine, if necessary gearbox and final drive on cardan machines) – Check drive chain (if available) If in doubt, fit a new chain instead. Because drive chains degrade very quickly with advanced wear, they then lengthen rapidly and can break in extreme cases. The chain must be adjusted correctly, taking into account the higher load from the passenger and luggage. – Check brake function
Check brake and hydraulic fluid levels – (hydraulic clutch). If necessary, top up to the prescribed fill level. Change brake fluid in a timely manner if it has been in the system for two years or more. Brake pad thickness. Check your condition.
Check the fork and suspension struts for leaks. Replace sealing rings and fork oil if necessary. – Adjust spring preload and damping to increased load.
Check the lighting system.
If necessary, adjust headlight setting to increased load.
Instrument lighting and the rest of the electrical system.
Observe the permissible total weight. Weighing the motorcycle and luggage is possible with most personal scales. To determine the motorcycle weight is front-. Rear wheel load measured separately on the personal scale. The sum gives the total vehicle weight.

Load the motorcycle correctly

The driving stability of a motorcycle becomes more critical the more load is taken along. Packing correctly is therefore the top priority! The motorcycle should be loaded with as little luggage as possible. In addition, you should pay attention to the permissible total weight, because after all, the driver and passenger, in addition to luggage, also count towards the payload. The maximum total weight can be found in the old vehicle registration document under number 15, in the new documents under F1.

Basic rule when packing: The driver and passenger must have enough space, sit comfortably and not be restricted in their mobility. This is the only way to control the motorcycle in any driving situation!

Observe the following points:
* The tank bag should be loaded first and with heavy objects, not interfering with the steering angle or the view of the instruments and indicator lights. * Heavy objects belong in side bags or suitcases always at the bottom, close to the center of gravity of the machine. The side cases must be packed the same way. (Observe maximum load). * Only lighter items may be stowed in a top case. * Motorcyclists who use so-called saddle bags made of fabric or leather should make sure that these are also firmly attached to the motorcycle. * No pastries should be placed in the area of the steering axle. * It is generally important to adjust the chassis, because the suspension and damping must be able to absorb the additional load.

Do not forget enough food and drink

Since motorcycle riders are generally on the road in fine and often hot weather, increased fluid loss through sweating is added to the general exertion. If then drink too little, the blood thickens, less nutrients and oxygen are passed to the brain. The result is a decrease in absorption capacity. Concentration problems. This can lead to fatal consequences, especially on a motorcycle. Therefore, regular hydration is absolutely necessary. Fresh water, apple spritzer and unsweetened fruit tea are particularly recommended here. In addition to regular drinking, food for the road should also be taken care of. It is better to eat a little more often and light food, rather than one-time, large portions. Delicious granola bars, salads, vegetables, pasta, soups and fruit are particularly good choices!

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