Tips for cooking

When is fried meat done?
If you press on it with a spoon/fork and it is no longer soft.

When pasta is al dente? Take out a noodle with the fork. Throw them against the tiles of your cooking corner. If they stick (stick) they are just right (trick of my friend Mia, should especially with small and large children a lot of hello!! Cause). Of course you can also cook the noodles (caution: hot)!!) fish it out of the pan and try it.

When are potatoes cooked?
Peck them with the tip of a kitchen knife, if it goes easily, they are cooked.

When is the marble cake cooked?
Take a wooden skewer or one of our long meat skewers and poke it in the middle. If dough sticks to it, extend the baking time in steps of a few minutes each and try again.

When is the fat in the pan hot enough for frying?
Dip the handle of a wooden spoon (wooden spoon test) in the fat. If small bubbles form, is the fat hot enough?. You will also notice that the meat sizzles when it goes into the pan. If the fat is not hot enough, the pores do not close fast enough, meat juice escapes and the meat becomes dry and tough.

The grease has become too hot and is smoking … What to do?
Burnt fat that is too hot is harmful to health. Allow to cool. Pour away. Be careful: never, never pour water into hot fat (you remember this from the fire department and from Karin).

Why always wash your hands?
Especially when preparing fresh meat, it is important that the meat does not come into contact with bacteria. Particular care must be taken with poultry meat, especially frozen., that is never completely free of bacteria. When processing it, wash your hands before and after and clean the work surface. Never on the same board first poultry. Then prepare fresh salad!

How to separate an egg?
Take the one in the left hand (for right-handed people) and over a larger cup with the knife about 2 cm long slightly notch in the middle (with some momentum):

Tips for cooking
Tips for cooking
Tips for cooking

Then use your thumbnails to open the egg completely, but in such a way that the yellow egg can automatically slide into the larger half of the shell in the process. Now the egg white glibbers almost by itself into the cup, and when carefully pouring the egg yellow into the other half of the egg shell, another part of the egg white slips into the cup. Repeat as many times as necessary until egg whites and yolks are completely separated. It may happen that the egg yolk slips into the egg white cup after all. Ok, that's just the beginning of the recipe for pancakes then. With the next egg, the separation is always a little better.

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