Tips for a city trip to vilnius

Vilnius as a city trip – definitely a good idea. Even if the capital of Lithuania is not as famous as its northern neighbors Riga and Tallinn, the city has many interesting sights to offer. And thanks to the fact that Lithuania is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, a short trip to Vilnius can be realized without much preparation.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

Tips for the city trip to Vilnius – public transport

Vilnius city center is connected to the airport by buses and train. However, the train does not go directly to the old town, which makes it rather uninteresting for a short trip. Much better is the connection with buses, with which most tourist destinations in the city center are easily accessible.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

However, the purchase of tickets is somewhat cumbersome, because a trip must be paid with an electronic and rechargeable card. The again you get in the tourist information office in the terminal, what you first need to know. This is not solved very elegantly, which is also confirmed to me by the lady in the information desk. Alternatively, you could download an app. Purchase the ticket through it. To realize this including registration in the terminal, however, I found to be even more cumbersome than buying the small plastic card.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

The card can then be easily topped up at any kiosk or corner grocery store, with any amount of money. This is then very problem-free and the card must be simply held to the reader to pay the fare.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

Tips for the city trip to Vilnius – shopping locally

Frequently seen in the cityscape are Narvesen's stores and kiosks. Here you can not only charge the cards for the buses, but you can also buy drinks and food, as well as quick hot and cold snacks. The stores are open every day and usually from early morning until late at night, so that you can always find a place where you can get something to drink and eat.

Tips for a city trip to vilnius

Tips for a city trip to Vilnius – Corona measures (August 2021)

During my stay there were some corona rules to follow. This is how a form had to be filled out before I could enter the country. Also a vaccination certificate or a current test result is necessary. Masks were compulsory on the spot. Distance rules. Otherwise life was relatively normal.

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Tips for the city trip to Vilnius

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