Tips fitness equipment practical stowage

Almost every third household owns a fitness machine. And those ten million or so exercise bikes are just waiting to be put into motion by the owner on a regular basis. And since not everyone has a fitness basement, the fitness monsters often stand around inconveniently in the middle of the bedroom or living room. We want to give a few suggestions how to store fitness equipment practically.

Especially the classic sports equipment such as bicycle ergometer, cross trainer, stepper or the weight bench do not exactly convince with their practical size. And a treadmill with 140 centimeters long, 70 wide and 130 high probably only in the rarest cases embellishes the home furnishings. And in many cases the calorie killing machines have been abused unceremoniously as clothes racks due to lack of motivation.

Tips fitness equipment practical stowage

We want to give you three potential suggestions on how to stow away the fitness equipment. In advance: We advise the third solution, but in advance two other suggestions.

Solution 1: We buy
collapsible instruments. This is smart, that's why almost all manufacturers offer this service nowadays. But be careful: The dimensions of a treadmill shrink only rudimentarily – this does not make them invisible at all. Even under the sofa, they only fit so far.

Solution 2: The very expensive variant. We lay
Fitness equipment in designer style to. They decorate any room. Fit wonderfully discreetly into the ambience. Examples: How about the mirror-clad "Kinesis Personal Vision" for just under 9.000 euros or the exclusive rowing trainer "Watertower" made of American cherry wood or stainless steel for 1.300 to 2.300 Euro? But woe betide if the trendy objects mutate into exhibition pieces. Then this investment would not have been worthwhile at all.

Solution 3: Arguably the best alternative for neatly storing your fitness equipment. Quite simply by hiding it, building it, staging it or simply rethinking it.

Hide: A bicycle can easily be hidden behind a painted room divider (screen) made of painted wood or fabric. Even a curtain delimits storage space. Advantage: nothing needs to be assembled before you can start your workout-open the curtain and get started right away. Taking advantage of a niche in a room. Cladding a cabinet. Do-it-yourselfers also build a kind of bottomless chest for the living room or hallway to hold the weight bench. Open the magnetic doors, get out the fitness equipment and flex your muscles.

Staging: What you don't want to hide, or can't hide, can also be deliberately put on display. Simply paint a suitable corner in the living room or bedroom in color, mount a light spot and set the device as a health object in scene like a painting.

Rethinking: If there's virtually no space available, you'll probably have to settle for a yoga mat and a theraband (the world's smallest piece of fitness equipment). The advantage: Everything fits rolled up in almost any drawer, under the bed or sofa.

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