Tips and tricks in hill climb racing

Tips and tricks in hill climb racing

This morning we posted our review of Fingersoft's Hill Climb Racing, an eccentric but endearing physics racing game. If you're struggling to get a high score, here are all our top tips and hints for getting ahead in the game.

How can I overcome bridges in Hill Climb Racing without turning around?

There is a sure knack for clearing a bouncing bridge with speed and grace. Do not leave the bridge at full speed, otherwise you will most likely have a fatal fall. Instead you should brake in time before you clear the last board. But do not brake too hard or you will face the same precarious problem!

Which upgrade should I choose next for my car??

It depends on the situation on each level. If you're not able to get up very steep inclines, then it makes sense to invest in your engine so you can get up the steeper inclines. Also note that upgrading your tires will benefit your traction.

Suspension and 4WD upgrades also make a big difference in handling. Unless you have a particular difficulty, we recommend upgrading each of the four engine systems equally, rather than focusing on one in particular.

How much throttle should I use?

In general, it's never a good idea to simply hold down the throttle at full speed. Instead, pump the throttle carefully until almost to free steep climbs so your car settles smoothly into the descent. By riding carefully you won't earn much airtime, but you will survive longer and thus collect more coins.

What can I spend my coins on in Hill Climb Racing?

There are three things you can spend your money on in the game: Upgrades for your vehicle, new landscapes to race through, and new cars to race with.

Pay close attention to your fuel gauge! Once it expires, your high score attempt will end. So be sure to pick up those red gas cans that occasionally pop up on the road. Do not be afraid to land quickly to take advantage of a tank of fuel!

How to get more coins?

Don't forget that you can perform tricks to get more coins when the rewards are paid out at the end of each run. If you have a lot of time in the air and perform flips, you can boost your booty properly, but be careful not to jeopardize your run with a crash landing!

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