They specialize in stirring television or film productions.

The red, brown and white color palette of this appetizing logo design draws the eye to the chic cupcake icon which, when paired with the elegant border font, makes the perfect logo for a pastry shop. The four hearts symbolize your passion for tasty baked goods.

This expressive logo design scores with an original graphic depicting a light bulb and a star. The icon visualizes energy, dynamism and innovation – approaches that are emphasized by the yellow color choice. The white caudex font stands out perfectly against the red background.

The abstract graphic, with its subtle pink gradients, has a captivating effect on viewers, dominates in this unique logo and stands out well against the transparent background. The bold letters of the blinker font add a powerful touch to the logo design.

Choose this kid-friendly logo with the smiling cloud and three balloons to add that extra touch to the branding of your party service company or daycare center. Both the cursive Ubuntu bold font and the blue and yellow color palette symbolize fun and intelligence.

The color blob icon visualizes fun, joy and creativity in this minimalist logo design – qualities that are emphasized by the dynamic-looking orange color choice. The dark ribeye font best highlights the playful nature of the design and rounds out the logo well.

The clear, brown company name in the classic Josefin Sans font stands out perfectly against the transparent background in combination with the sympathetic graphic with the two little birds, while the bright, yellow-green color of the two icons symbolizes security, energy and sustainability.

Red and orange give this impressive logo, which generates attention with an infectious round graphic, a dynamic character that is emphasized by the unique Freckle Face font. The graphic reminds of a snowflake. Contrasts the color choice excellently.

They specialize in stirring television or film productions? Then this is your logo! The bright yellow background looks original and cheerful and perfectly sets off the heart-shaped graphic with the video camera, while the authentic brown Days One font balances the design.

The friendly Mali script is combined with a crest-like graphic in this logo to stick in viewers' minds. The lion's head symbolizes strength, while the three stars visualize quality. The pink background gives the logo a powerful feminine character.

If you run a gym and specialize in strength training, then this rousing logo is perfect for you. The signal yellow helmet icon demonstrates energy and customer proximity and creates an appealing visual contrast to the slightly playful looking Gochi hand lettering.

A mesmerizing graphic depicting a record surrounded by an uneven mosaic is in the foreground in this cool logo. The blue-purple color palette perfectly visualizes creativity, while the simple Viga font gives the logo a professional touch.

You are looking for a logo that visualizes fun, youth and joy? Then this logo is made for you! The three cheering children and the two bumper cars are reminiscent of fun fairs and stand out thanks to the pink-purple color scheme. The modern Righteous font completes the logo.

If you run a bike store, we recommend this cool retro logo that focuses on a dynamic orange bike. The horizontal lines of the graphic suggest movement and progress, and together with the black Teko typeface leave a lasting impression.

The dreamy Elsie Swash Caps font gives this logo an appealing, feminine character in combination with the pink color choice and the graphic with a chic bow. The logo design can be used on various advertising surfaces thanks to the transparent background.

The light blue-green color choice of this trendy logo visualizes freshness, naturalness and energy and makes you think of clear, tropical waters. The simple Miriam Libre font adds a calm note to the logo, while the surfer and wave graphic adds a timelessly cool touch.

The unusual combination of the warm red-yellow-white color palette with the graphic depicting a dolphin and waves generates attention at first glance. The white, modern Kanit font looks professional, intelligent and calm and gives the logo a perfectly balanced look.

This motivating logo makes it clear through the person standing on a crescent moon that one should always reach for the stars. The purple color choice symbolizes spirituality, while the orange star emphasizes the dynamic message. The Josefin Sans font completes the design.

The intricate lines of the geometric mandala graphic give this chic logo a vibrant character, accented by the gorgeous green and blue color choice. The fine letters of the Jomolhari font harmonize perfectly with the beautiful graphics and round off the logo perfectly.

Both the white company name in the clear Alatsi font and the graphic with the dynamic-looking theme park motif stand out excellently against the bright pink background. The logo is the perfect choice for theme parks or circuses looking to position themselves in a modern way.

This trendy logo relies on a harmonious, green-purple color palette to best showcase the graphic with a cheering person in front of an abstract sun. The icon symbolizes freedom and energy – approaches highlighted by the friendly-looking Sniglet font.

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