The mittelrheintal offers itself straight to

The mittelrheintal offers itself straight to

A guest article by Anne-Katrin Meyer.

The Middle Rhine Valley is the perfect place for another motorcycle tour. The tantalizing freedom on two wheels is just another factor that makes a motorcycle tour so unique. But before every tour the big question: What do you have to pack?? All about the right equipment for a motorcycle tour. Other accompanying luggage you find out with us.

The stowage options

Please note in advance the maximum permissible total weight of the motorcycle. This can be found in the registration papers of the motorcycle. Unnecessary ballast should not be carried on a motorcycle tour. The storage space is limited anyway, the weight affects the driving speed and makes it difficult to hold the machine when stationary. So: Everything necessary stays at home.

Saddlebags and pack rolls are suitable for motorcycle luggage. The luggage should be fastened as far as possible in front at the rear, so that the center of gravity does not shift unnecessarily to the rear. Suitcases with a special carrier are also suitable for motorcycle tours and are additionally waterproof. If you plan to take a backpack with you, you should make sure that no hard objects are stowed in it, otherwise there is a risk of injury. There is room for provisions or a change of clothes.

Tools: for repairs on the road

The most important thing in advance: Sufficient tools should be thought of. Too fast small breakdowns can occur, which can be nevertheless repaired in no time, if one carries some aids with oneself. Especially with tools is to consider that this brings a lot of load with it. Here is a short checklist:

– Toolkit – Pocket knife – Adhesive tape – Cable ties – Tire repair putty – Chain spray

Useful things: from motorcycle gear to cleaner

For the motorcycle tour think of so many things. This concerns not only the correct equipment of the driver at motorcycle clothing, but also at small aids, like a flashlight. The vehicle manual can also be very useful in case of incidents. For a complete luggage we recommend:

– Tank bag – Sunglasses – Tension belts – Earplugs – Flashlight – Spare keys – Brake disc lock – Vehicle manual – Map – Visor cleaner – Motorcycle suit/rain suit with rain overshoes – Gloves

– Neckerchief – If necessary. Camping equipment – first-aid kit – toilet bag – garbage bag

Obligatory: This should be carried with you

As motorcycle helmet for long distances a jet helmet is suitable, suitable models are available at www.Helmexpress.Com. In addition to all sorts of useful and useful things, there are also some things that a motorcyclist must have with him or her. This applies to all papers around the motorcycle. Of course also on appropriate motorcycle clothing.

– Helmet – ABEs – high-visibility vest (obligatory for accidents in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Hungary) – first aid kit (obligatory in Austria, Italy, Portugal and Spain) – identity card/passport – driver's license and vehicle registration certificate – registration certificate – green insurance card (outside the EU) – declaration of tire safety


For all technology enthusiasts, hobby photographers or navigation users, there is also the question of the important technical equipment:

– Camera – smartphone, if necessary. With navigation app – navigation system – all charging cables for electrical devices – powerbank for extra battery life

Small tour in the Middle Rhine Valley

If you have found your way to the Middle Rhine Valley by motorcycle, we can only welcome it. The breathtaking landscape offers not least very good motorcycle roads and many winding excursion destinations. Beside many castles and ruins, wine tastings from the wine-growing area Rheingau are a popular intermediate goal. The cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Offers romantic landscapes with steep rocky slopes.

A suitable tour for all motorcycle fans is offered around the Rhine between Wiesbaden and Koblenz. Always along the river one comes so on considerable 190 kilometers. In the process, they come across the undestroyed Marksburg Castle north of the Rhine at the height of the village of Braubach. To Pflanzgrafstein Castle on an island in the middle of the Rhine at the height of the village of Kaub. Or south of the Rhine to the fortress Burg Rheinfels at the height of St. Goar and the romantic castle Stolzenfels near Koblenz. Connection also offer popular motorcycle routes along the Moselle, Ahr and Nahe, if a longer tour is planned.

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