Take a look at the service booklet

Take a look at the service booklet

Spring is when most used cars are purchased. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we have put together some tips for you."Likes.A Ulrike Weiß, MBA AK Upper Austria/Consumer Information

Condition classes

Used car sales contracts usually have condition classes (CC) from 1 to 4. These describe the mechanical condition, the bodywork, the paint and the interior. They determine whether warranty claims exist in case of originally existing defects. Who z. B. Buys a car with the condition class 3, buys with it an age and kilometer normal repair and maintenance expenditure. Also accidental previous damage is accepted with condition class 3 (not so with ZK 1 or 2). But the car must be safe to drive and operate.

Purchase test

The "Pickerlüberprüfung is no substitute for a purchase test. Therefore, contact one of the motorist clubs. Have a purchase test. In many cases it is possible to agree with the seller that the purchase depends on a positive purchase verification or. Any deficiencies found are repaired.

Service Booklet

Take a look at the service booklet, the type certificate and the last "Pickerlprotokolle". So you might be able to understand if the mileage is plausible. The service booklet should also show whether the timing belt has already been changed or is still to be changed (at high cost).

Verbal assurances

Verbal assurances made by the seller should definitely be recorded in writing, preferably in the purchase contract. Let you purchase-decisive circumstances and characteristics such as the mileage and the accident-free guarantee in any case.

Dealers as mediators

If the dealer appears in the contract only as an intermediary resp. The private previous owner is named as the seller, so the warranty may be excluded. Special caution is required here!

Return old vehicle

If an old car is returned at the same time as buying a car, you should exclude the warranty for it. Otherwise, the exchange vehicle would be subject to a warranty obligation vis-à-vis the dealer (!) arise.


Remember that contracts must be honored by both sides. There is basically no right to withdraw from a used car purchase contract. Only if you finance the car with a loan and you conclude the loan agreement with the cooperation of the dealer, you can withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days, and subsequently from the purchase agreement within one week. Withdrawal from the purchase contract would also be possible within one week if financing that the dealer has indicated as likely does not materialize after all.

Other tips

– The AK Upper Austria offers Eurotax queries. Those who have a family member with a service card number can use this free of charge. – ARBÖ and ÖAMTC offer the possibility for vehicle evaluation. – ÖAMTC offers Eurotax queries on website for club members. The ARBÖ provides a similar rating system for members on its website.

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