Super practical, super free the navi for bus and straba is here!

Sounds bulky, but is quite clever. Since October 2020, he has been driving the public transport system in the city of Würzburg. Würzburg County easier than ever.

Super practical, super free the navi for bus and straba is here!

"By the time I've had a chance to look through the timetables, I'll have long since gone down by car," says one of them. "If the bus is late, I stand around freezing at the bus stop", says the other one. Two statements, two real superhits from the "public transport" charts. But as you know from hits – sooner or later they go out of fashion and make room for new(s). We present: the interactive route network map for the city and district of Würzburg.

Digital, phenomenal

"First I get on the 21er – and then I take the 1er-Straba to the ZOM in Grombühl, very easy", says now the one. "Wait a minute, let's take a look…The bus will be on time; so it's easily enough if I leave in two minutes," now says the other one. Thanks to digitalization.. Thanks to the interactive network map. And thanks to the interactive network map. Since October 2020, public transport users in the city and district have had a "living map" at their disposal, so to speak, on which all conceivable information can be called up with just a few clicks or finger tips.


The commuter from Höchberg wants to save himself the daily traffic jam heading for the city. He has seen the bus into town on the new bus lane pass him on the right several times, but he hasn't ridden it yet. Which line do I need, when does it leave and where – and will it be on time today?? Check! It's the student's turn to do the bulk shopping in his 4-person flat-sharing community. Wants to rent a car for this purpose. Where is the nearest rental station, which vehicles are available here – and how do I get there by bus or tram?? Check!

The weekend tripper does not want to miss out on anything that Würzburg has to offer in terms of sights or good restaurants. His question is: What is worth visiting and seeing between the fortress, the Käppele and the Residenz – and which bus or streetcar line goes where and when?? Check! Oh well, a little further out there are still these wonderful wine villages. Which bus will take me there? Also check!

Super practical, super free the navi for bus and straba is here!

Overview à la map

We could go on for a long time about the possibilities the interactive network map has up its sleeve. Finally, the intuitive online tool combines real-time data on public transport with a wide range of value-added information for the first time ever. You can choose to have just about anything your "mobile heart" desires displayed on the digital map: from barrier-free stops to the nearest ATM, from tourist highlights to e-charging points, from ticket machines to flower stores.

We think: This hit definitely has what it takes to become a classic. Just give it a try – via laptop, tablet or smartphone using the Meine WVV app or directly at network.Vvm-info.De. And if you have already tried it, feel free to tell us your opinion by e-mail to [email protected] – we welcome any feedback!

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