Sporty on two wheels through germany

Sporty on two wheels through Germany Germany is the land of poets and thinkers, it has much to offer culturally. In addition, natural beauty attracts tourists from all over the world: mountains, lush forests, lush meadows and countless bodies of water and beaches Germany is also very diverse in terms of landscape. And above all active people are offered a lot. If you want, you can take the Way of St. James or ride the Elbe Cycle Path from Dresden to Hamburg: over 660 kilometers along the water, through towns and villages.

Cycling fans watch out: in 14 days to the North Sea
Cycling in particular is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, especially along Germany's largest river: the Elbe. Variety is guaranteed here, for example, when it goes from Dresden to Hamburg. There are always new things to discover during the 14 days or so of driving. Many attractions await you in Dresden itself, for example the historic old town with the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and castle. And around Dresden, the vineyards with their lush greenery are an inviting place to visit. Further in the direction of Hamburg alternate wide meadows, biosphere reserve as well as inimitable architecture.

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Over 600 kilometers of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Hamburg lie at your feet
So if you now want to ride from Dresden to Hamburg, you can choose different tour lengths for it. It takes about 14 days to cover the more than 600 km through Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt as well as Hamburg on the Elbe Cycle Path. Dresden is an optimal starting point to ride in the first days via Meißen to Riesa and further to Torgau and Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

There are countless accommodations along the route, although early booking is recommended in summer and early autumn. If you wish, you can explore the individual cities on your own and extend your cycling trip a little further. Wittenberg and Meissen have great old towns that are well worth a visit. Once out of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the route then heads towards Breslau via Barby and on to Magdeburg. Tangermünde and Havelberg as well as Wittenberge are next on the program, a popular tour suggestion.

From Wittenberge, cycling fans can set off for Hitzacker and Lauenburg to finally reach Hamburg at the end of the stage.

With the racing bike on the Elbe cycle path
The number of racing bike enthusiasts is, as mentioned, also growing significantly in Germany. And the Elbe cycle path is also suitable for racing cyclists. Some sections are very busy (for example between Dresden and Riesa), others have a surface less suitable for racing bikes. If you want to do it like the racers of the Tour de France and don't mind mountainous routes, you will find countless tour suggestions, especially in the Alps.

Experience the Tour de France spirit for yourself
Every year, the Tour de France captivates millions of viewers in front of the TV or directly at the race track. The riders spend almost inhuman and also face three legendary climbs, which ambitious riders with practice can ride themselves once as their own challenge.

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Other tours for wine and culture lovers
Tours on the bike are also in numerous other regions in the trend. Cyclists can also enjoy the unmistakable nature along the river Sieg. The mountainous region in the immediate vicinity offers additional opportunities here. Various tours. Numerous stops invite you to explore.

Tours between forest, pasture and high altitude
The round trips on the Sieg lead along the spacious meadows, green forests or picturesque river regions. If you want, you can choose tours between ca. 20 kilometers and choose up to 60 kilometers. In addition to the lowlands, you can also ride up high. For the Höhenflug bike tour leads over a length of 58 kilometers up to 360 meters in altitude. The efforts of the climbs are compensated with a fantastic view of the Siegtal valley. This ambitious route is recommended especially for sporty riders with a trekking bike. The Ruhr-Sieg cycle path is full of variety. Counts with 15 kilometers length to the shorter tours. It leads past secluded meadows, the Druidenstein or the Freusburg castle. Cyclists can enjoy the peace and quiet along disused railroad lines. However, there are also some sections where cyclists have to expect car traffic. Especially on such routes it is important to pay attention to sufficient security.

The helmet is generally an indispensable companion when cycling in road traffic and protects especially the sensitive head. Especially in the early morning hours or at dusk, sufficient lighting on the bike is a must. High-visibility vests and reflectors on your bike also help you to be recognized early by motorists.

More bike tour suggestions, also for families
If you want to be on two wheels with the whole family, you will find a beautiful route on the Weser Cycle Path. The Weserbergland can be traversed for over 500 kilometers, along the unique river landscape. In 2020 it was once again voted the most popular long-distance cycle route by the ADFC (German Cyclists' Federation). Above all, the picturesque scenery along the river as well as the varied nature invite to ride. If you want, you can ride different stages between Hann and Minden.

The Weser Cycle Route is also a special highlight for children, because they encounter the well-known fairy tales and stories again and again: stories and legends of the Brothers Grimm or the Baron von Münchhausen appear on the cycle route and provide for amazed children's eyes.

To your health: the Moselle invites you for cycling
For wine lovers, the Moselle Cycle Path is a special recommendation: castles and vineyards invite you to linger. Lovers of sun and beach will certainly get their money's worth with the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route.

Tip for the ambitious
A real insider tip for ambitious cyclists is the Bodensee-Königssee cycle path. This extends over more than 400 kilometers, from the island of Lindau through the Allgäu along the edge of the Alps.

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