We are the snowboard specialist in the Ostalbkreis in Aalen and know every snowboard. We carry a huge selection of snowboards – but which is the right one? Which binding fits to the board? Our little guide will help you. You are also welcome to call us at any time. We will advise you individually.

Freestyle Snowboards Aalen

Freestyle boards are the best choice for use in the fun park and in the halfpipe. Due to their special construction they are very easy to turn and maneuverable. The turning ability can be increased again by choosing a shorter board and you also save weight. In general they have a soft and harmonic bending line but can be tuned harder especially in the tail and nose area to offer better performance when jumping and landing. Most freestyle boards have a TwinTip shape, i.E. They are built symmetrically and thus allow easy backward riding (fakie). The binding stance is centrally located on the board and supports you in rotations and tricks. Freestyleboards are with nearly all manufacturers as "Rockerboard" available. The boards are also very versatile in use. Can also convince on the slopes. Freeride boards accompany you in any terrain. Feel particularly comfortable in deep snow. In contrast to freestyle boards, freeriders are partly tuned harder (harder flex) and also a bit longer. The slightly backward offset binding position (setback) allows for better floatation in deeper snow and thus for more lift. Depending on your skiing ability, harder boards are recommended, as they not only have more smoothness and good guidance, but also offer more edge grip on hard slopes and on ice. Allmountain boards are, as the name suggests, the all-rounders among the snowboards and very versatile in use.

Big Mountain:

Big Mountain Boards are the boards for use in the backcountry off-piste. A healthy length of the board. Softer tuning ensures perfect surf feeling. Almost all boards are rockered here as well. Especially in soft powder these rockered boards float up extremely early. Can be driven therefore in the area super simply. For optimal weight distribution, a setback is also mandatory here.

Alpine Race:

Raceboards are the right choice when it comes to fast carving on hard slopes. The boards are tuned hard in order to grant a high running smoothness at high speeds. The boards have a directional sidecut. Can now be ridden in one direction. Race boards are almost exclusively used with plate bindings. Hardboots combined to be able to build up good edge pressure. The binding angle is correspondingly steep.

Board construction:



This refers to the classic snowboard construction with positive preload over the entire length of the board. The boards can be tuned harder than a rocker due to their design. Offer a better rebound of the board. Cambers are especially useful for slope-oriented driving. Suitable for sporty riders.



Unlike the camber, the preload in the board is taken out here or reversed. Nose and tail even stand out slightly upwards and allow the board to turn super easy. This also greatly minimizes the risk of canting. The boards are considered super forgiving. However, the board tension and the rebound of the board usually suffers in the process. Rockers are therefore generally softer and smoother to ride. For kids and beginners as well as in the fun park on boxes and rails a rocker is the first choice.

Hybrid Rocker / Wing Rocker


Every manufacturer calls this type of construction differently, but it is usually the same thing: a combination of camber and rocker. This combination combines the advantages of both construction methods and the result is a board that feels at home anywhere and in our opinion also has excellent riding characteristics. High-quality all-rounders are often equipped with a hybrid rocker. Can be guided very well on the edge even at high speeds thanks to the pre-tension in/between the binding area. Also the rebound of the board can be increased by this combination compared to the pure rocker.

Small snowboarder ABC:



Designates the construction of the board. Twintips have no given riding direction and therefore no nose and no tail. The symmetry axis sits exactly in the middle of the board. Both sides are mirror alike. The board in both directions to ride the same.



The Directional has a predetermined direction of travel due to its design. Unlike the twintip, there is no axis of symmetry and the board has a fixed nose and tail. By the backward moved (setback) binding also changes the driving behavior.

Wide Board:

For people who live on large foot, there are extra wide boards. These are called wideboards. Many board models are available specifically in wide versions. Are a good bit wider than the normal boards. From which shoe size a wide board comes into question always depends on the outer dimensions of the board boat. As a general rule, however, it can be said that from a size of US 11 a wide version would be recommended. This always depends on the individual case, it is best to ask us directly. The flex rate indicates the hardness. The rebound of the board. The higher the flex rate the harder the board is. Depending on the area of use and body weight, a suitable board should be chosen. We grade the flex rate from 1 – 5.

Length recommendation snowboards

The best board length for your board depends on several factors

– Body size and weight – riding style, ability and gender

Shorter boards are mainly used by freestylers to catapult themselves more easily into the air on kickers, turn and slide on boxes and rails.

Freeriders and all-mountain oriented riders tend to choose longer boards to have more smoothness at high speeds, more float off paved slopes and in deep snow and more grip on ice. Should the board be as flexible as possible. Cover a wide range of applications, the length should not be chosen too extreme. Normally, the board size should be between your chest and your chin. If you are not sure which length is the best for you, just call us or write us a message directly.

On the Binding should also be placed greatest value as this is responsible for the power transmission.

Compare it with a car: what good is a sport chassis with the wrong tires? The best board can only perform half with a simple binding. Get detailed advice from our specialists here.

Snowboard binding

The binding is crucial for the power transmission. It is necessary to think about the area of use. In the park a binding with more freedom of movement makes sense, on the slopes and in the terrain a more direct power transmission is better. There are step-in bindings that facilitate the entry as well as normal ratchet bindings. The differences are very big! Let our snowboard instructors advise you here as well.

Purchase recommendation snowboard

To avoid standing on the slope with the wrong material later, here is some info that can help you. In all categories there are super boards with a high-quality sandwich construction as well as simple boards with a wood foam core. Depending on the riding ability, a lot of attention should be paid to the construction since "cheap boards" often do not work beyond the beginner's range. The binding must fit the shoe size. Matching the area of application. Here the differences are huge!


Today there are very successful boards in every target group. Crucially, boards in all categories have different construction methods (qualities), different bending lines, strong and less strong waists, and now different rockers as well. All these factors determine the driving characteristics and thus also the target group.Especially due to the specialization of boards, it is important to buy a board with the right scope of application.

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