Since when is there car tuning?.

Since when is there car tuning?.

The Autotuning

What is Autotuning? The car tuning is also often called vehicle tuning. Serves to change on the vehicle respectively. Car to get a higher performance. You can do the tuning on all kinds of vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks and everything else that drives. Basically, car tuning means nothing more than fine tuning the car parts, such as those of the engine, the body or even the chassis. Often additional car parts are installed to have a more powerful car, but now and then things like for example the cylinder or the like are drilled out. But of course, car tuning also includes changing the appearance, which is often colloquially called aufmotzen.

Where can you have a car tuning done?

There are special companies that do the car tuning for extra charge. These companies resp. Workshops are usually called vehicle tuners. There, however, often not only small things are changed on the car, but entire engines are replaced. Because the customer does not always have the wish that his car should become faster, but from time to time he would also like to puff up simply only the optics of the car interior a little bit. This task is mostly done by so-called customizers, who are especially responsible for such tasks.

Since when there is the car tuning?

The whole tuning story actually started in the 50s, when the first self-proclaimed tuners pimped some VW Beetles to make them faster. Shortly thereafter, various aids, such as spoilers, shock absorbers or brand-new brake systems came on the market. By these things the Tuning went into the history, because starting from the 70's the Autotunen was not to be imagined at all away. Everything that was drivable was machined to increase performance, whatever it may cost. Spare parts made of plastic were a hoot. The original skirts were removed. Replaced by the new body parts. Nothing was impossible. There was no limit to the imagination. But as quickly as this trend came, it also went again. At the end of the 90s, the car tuning boom slowly subsided.

What can you tune? Anything is possible. Mostly also allowed. To change is the engine or. Also interchangeable. The body also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of modifications. Shock absorbers and chassis can be worked on, as well as the height of the car. It is, as I said, easy to do everything that is legal. No matter whether it contributes to the increase in performance or should only serve as an eye-catcher. In principle, car advertising is well compatible with tuned cars, because in motor sports, advertising on the cars has been common practice since the very beginning.

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