Relaxation therapy great

Relaxation therapy great

Learned autogenic training from Annekatrin. Were super interesting and relaxed hours with great personal attention. I can recommend to everyone. Just try and enjoy! Keep it up dear Annekatrin!

– nutrition muscle building (Wednesday, 30. September 2015 20:51)

Good webpage. Thank you.


Franziska Leonhardt (Thursday, 21. November 2013 13:17)

The Autogenic Training for Pregnant Women course was a very pleasant experience with helpful tips and tricks for relaxation. Even so the sessions were always very entertaining and stimulating for the future. I can highly recommend the autogenic training also to non-pregnant women.

Sandy Kehrer (Sunday, 18. August 2013 10:22)

Dear Mrs. Groß,

I thank you for the good care and cooperation. The lessons were very informative and relaxing. The tips on how to incorporate what we learned into everyday life were especially helpful.

Good luck for your further work!


– Melitta Tautenhahn (Friday, 05. Twice already I took part in your relaxation therapy. It is a daily help for me to calm down after the accomplishment of my daily tasks. It will not be the last course I attend with you. Thank you and all the best for you.

Melitta Tautenhahn

Annett (Friday, 07. June 2013 21:15)

Hello! Thank you for the nice and instructive hours. Can now go through my life more calmly again. Will definitely be in touch again. I also recommend you to others.

Stefanie (Saturday, 12. January 2013 19:17)

Dear Annekatrin, the course with you was really very nice. The individualized course design and attention to my needs has helped me in many areas of my life. I thank you for the nice hours and I will recommend you in any case.

Jacqueline (Friday, 11. I have now joined the 2. Times in a course "Autogenic training" participated. Already looking forward to the next relaxation course! I participated in a course "Autogenic Training" for the first time participated. Looking forward to the next relaxation course! Can really only be recommended. I didn't think a few hours of class would make such a difference in everyday life! My constant headaches are almost gone. I especially liked the fact that the autogenic training is done one on one and not in groups so that everyone can be treated individually.

Carolin L. (Wednesday, 05. September 2012 19:30)

Hello, so I find the website simply successful and it appeals to me fully… I am very interested in relaxation techniques, as I am a migraine patient myself and hope to get better as a result… I am very much looking forward to taking a course as soon as possible… Mglg

M. M. (Wednesday, 05. September 2012 19:24)

So the autogenic training for smoking cessation has helped me a lot and I am positively surprised, thanks.

B.H. (Wednesday, 05. September 2012 16:01)

This class has helped me to better deal with stressful situations and to be able to sleep, even if it is not always successful.

Claudia (Wednesday, 08. August 2012 14:19)

Hello, the autogenic training course with you has helped me a lot, especially to be able to fall asleep well again. I found your course interesting and well designed. If it works out that way again I will gladly attend a course with you again.

vkm (Thursday, 02. August 2012 22:07)

Already the Internet presentation appeals to me fully and makes curious. The published opinions also give courage.Will report back after my fall vacation.

D.A. (Wednesday, 11. July 2012 12:20)

The short Autogenes Trainig showed me that one can come with little expenditure fast to the peace.

S.R. (Wednesday, 11. July 2012 11:03)

Dear Mrs. Groß, the autogenic training course has taught me to calm down and finally to be able to sleep through the night again. Thank you for the sentences on the last day of the course.

D.S. (Thursday, 07. June 2012 20:42)

…Interesting courses you offer…Smoking cessation would be something for me…Am unfortunately a bit far away to be able to participate regularly…Good luck…

Claudia M. (Tuesday, 05. Just stumbled across your website. Must say – absolutely great! Great layout, very clear, very well structured. Keep it up! I wish you much success!

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