New paint job for a 1.000t crane

New paint for a 1.000t crane

Heavy equipment at the heller Lackiererei GmbH in Berlin/Brandenburg.

A DEMAX crane (9-axle) from Mobi Hub Berlin received a complete paint job: white/grey became yellow/black. No problem for special operations. In the large commercial vehicle paint shop, where truck painting is also carried out, the mobile 1.000t colossus space to be adapted in color to the corporate identity of the client.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane
New paint job for a 1.000t crane
New paint job for a 1.000t crane
New paint job for a 1.000t crane

Heller's thoughts

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

Einstein's painting theory

Time is an absolute. If a clock goes faster (or slower), it does not tick properly. That's what we want to believe. After all, even Newton believed that. If it weren't for Einstein's theory of relativity. Because it says that the speed of light is the only constant in the universe. The consequence seems paradoxical: the faster we move through space, the slower time passes. Physicists call this time dilation.

At lighter – The painters. The coachmen. We call the same phenomenon customer service. Because it also has something to do with space-time: The faster we work, the less time you lose. And this principle is indeed absolute – no matter whether it's about body repair or paint jobs. Where Einstein would have had his car painted? We have a theory…

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

From hearing and seeing

We can only hear sounds. A bang for example. Because the shock-like change in density of the air causes vibrations. And they propagate as longitudinal waves. Energy without mass. In the hearing this causes a sense impression, which we perceive as sound. But very few people can also "see" sounds. These are the synesthetes.

Whether we have one in the team, we do not know. All the better, however, how it looks once it's been banged up. After all, we get to see the consequences every day. So that your car is then not smoke and mirrors, energy comes into play again. Ours namely. Because we spend a lot of it on. So that your car quickly looks like new again. You are guaranteed not to have to listen to anything).

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

The whole is more

… Than the sum of its parts. At least that's what Aristotle teaches us. But isn't it exactly the same? At best the same. Because two times the same would have no double. And already no more. Then perhaps the whole thing is the real thing after all, as Hegel thinks? Or – quite the opposite – the untrue, as Adorno tells us? In any case we should strive for it, admonishes us Schiller. Honestly: We don't know.

But what you know now is that heller – The painters. The coachmen. To deal with the whole thing. Admittedly, rather rarely philosophical. In practice, however, every day. And that is why we take care of the parts. Spare parts about. In turn, we provide them with the certain more. For example, the manufacturer's warranty.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

The colors of water

Water is colorless. Actually. Most beautiful but in glorious blue. For it to turn blue, it needs light. Because light is colorful. A whole spectrum of colors. Only red can absorb water from it. And very little green. It reflects all other colors. And they add up to the complementary color of the absorbed light components. Namely blue. This is the only thing we can see.

So that you can be seen on the water, your boat should also have a beautiful color. There are many good reasons. Osmosis and corrosion protection, for example. Or value retention. But the most important reason: you want to look shiny next to all the other boats in your marina. How good that heller – The painters. The bodyworkers. Knows something about colors. Even that of water.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

Pressure gives wings

For an airplane to fly, it needs wings. And air flowing past them. If the air flows faster above than below, there is underpressure at the top and overpressure at the bottom. The result: dynamic lift. However, in order for the air to flow faster above the wing, its path must be longer. That is why wings are bent.

In order to give airlines a boost, also brighter – The painters. The coachbuilders. Gladly crooked. Thus, we do not create negative pressure (as we know, we care about short distances). But high pressure. Because we work with. After all, we don't just want your plane to stay in the air for a long time. But also that it is as short as possible on the ground. That's what we call dynamics. Do you also want to take off with us?

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

The value of the work

Human labor is the sole power to increase capital. We've heard that somewhere before. In value theory. If you don't want to rely on it, you'd better think about the mechanics. Because there work is simply the product of force and way. Consequently it can be facilitated. Even without a big effort. For example, by a lever that rotates around an axis.

At brighter – The painters. The coachbuilders. It's all about the customer. We are pulling out all the stops for this one. To quickly restore what makes your work easier (and helps to increase your capital). Trucks or buses. Even cranes, construction machinery, silos. This could also be done for you by others? Certainly. But the quality of work is determined by the people who do it. And they are here with body and soul. This is our interpretation of the value theory. You can rely on it for sure.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

A question of logic

Logistics comes from the Greek word "logos" (meaning understanding or reason). Just like the logic. That is why mathematical logic is also called logistics. Meant is the transfer of conclusive reasoning by syntax and semantics into a logical language. An example? If speed is the quotient of distance and time, you can gain time by shortening distances and increasing speed.

This is exactly what we mean by sensible logistics. And we prove it every day. For our customers we have therefore set the distance to zero. For heller – The painters. The bodyworkers. Fetches and brings your vehicle. Nationwide, day and night, insured in a closed trailer. And because we have also increased the throughput speed of the vehicles once again, you save twice the time. Logical.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

Class in mass

Masses attract each other. That is good. Otherwise there would be no gravity. But if you multiply mass by acceleration, the product is a force. You can tell power by its effect. Deformation is one of them. To fix them requires work. The quotient of work done, resp. Of the expended energy, and the time required for it defines in turn power.

From the force with which a mass meets your vehicle depends the amount of its damage. The encounter with heller – The painters. The coachbuilders. Your damage should not be: Because we do a lot of work with a lot of energy in a very short time, we will also convince you of our efficiency. And even that we will do quite quickly.

New paint job for a 1.000t crane

Precision in paint

To see colors, light must strike the eye. It does this in the form of photons. These are registered by the photoreceptors. Better known as sticks and pegs. They convert the stimulus on the retina into a color valence, which causes a sensory impression in the brain. The visible electromagnetic radiation spans pretty much an octave in the process. Corresponds to the wavelength range from about 380 to 780 nanometers.

In order for the visible to become invisible again and for color to shine in a new light, light also has to work in a new way brighter – The painters. The coachbuilders. In the nano range. Because precision is our great strength. It goes without saying that you can use it to paint even the smallest parts in the best quality. But we are also on the same wavelength with customers who think in completely different dimensions.

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