New mercedes c

The new Mercedes C-Class will roll into dealerships in the summer – customers will then have no choice when it comes to the number of cylinders in the engines.

Stuttgart – The new Mercedes C-Class wants to be nothing less than a small S-Class – but that might be difficult for it, if only because of the engines, because Powerful six or even eight cylinders belong to the new model of the series W 206 / S 206 (station wagon) of the Past to. Starting in the summer, the upcoming Mercedes C-Class will be exclusively still available as a four-cylinder its. A Pure electric version as BMW will offer this with its i4 in the mid-range from early 2022, is left out for now. Instead gets every model, whether sedan, station wagon or the long-wheelbase version available in China, one Electrification, to upgrade the engines to maximum efficiency trim. An Mild Hybrid with 48-volt electrical system, Starter generator and 15-kW boost function are available for all models without plugs. (Mercedes S 400 d 4matic in test: Its huge range makes all electric cars look old)

New Mercedes C-Class: Dimensions grow, engine range shrinks

The obligatory four-cylinder have in the small gasoline versions a just 1.5 liter turbo engine under the hood, the more powerful ones can at least draw from two liters of combustion chamber. Basic model remains the Mercedes C 180, whose then only 1.5-liter four-cylinder produces 125 kW (170 hp) and, like all engines, has a brief additional boost of 15 kW (20 hp) to help with starting, gear changes or intermediate sprints. Mandatory for all models is a nine-speed automatic, because the manual transmission is history. Compared to the predecessor, you can feel in driving a lower noise level, However, the two-liter four-cylinder can outperform the loss of two combustion chambers just under load acoustically not overplay. Depending on the drive program, the quartet of cylinders gets a slightly beefier sound at the push of a button. But that is a matter of taste. (Mercedes G-Class drags snowboarder across Leipzig market – "Where are the police??")

New mercedes c

New Mercedes C-Class: Even in the AMG versions only four-cylinder engines

Above it ranks the Mercedes C 200 as a more powerful 1.5-liter with 150 kW (204 hp), which is also available with optional All-wheel drive is available. Top model is first the rear-wheel drive Mercedes C 300, which is powered by a two-liter four-cylinder with 190 kW (245 hp). Optional also here: All-wheel drive. As Diesel versions make the C 220d and a C 300d with 147 kW (200 hp) and 195 kW (245 hp), respectively, will start off with. However, at least one weaker self-igniter should be added as well as the all-wheel drive versions. The Station wagon named T-Model will be launched in June as the C 200, C 220d and C 300d. In addition, it will be available for sedan and station wagon two plug-in hybrid versions – The new model will be available in two versions – a gasoline and a diesel – with an electric range of 20 kWh thanks to a battery pack that is expected to reach 100 kilometers.

To follow at a later date for the Mercedes C-Class then stronger versions – even with AMG logo -, but here there is also no more than two liters of displacement and four cylinders. This should irritate many AMG fans, benefited the current Mercedes-AMG C 63 S but from its unique selling point, a four-liter twin-turbo V8 with over 500 hp, and the AMG C 43 was also on offer as a turbo six-cylinder. The Cylinder Loss Daimler's developers blame this in particular on the Construction space in the front of the car. Upcoming AMG top version with then around 550 hp will see a highly charged two-liter turbo, which, with 421 hp, is currently already giving front-wheel-drive models a run for their money. In combination with an electric motor there is then a performance boost over the 500 hp mark. Mercedes C-Class platform will also provide a new home for the upcoming Mercedes GLC, which won't be unveiled until 2022, however. (Mercedes-AMG coupe on fire: Embarrassing burnout total loss at wedding party (with video))

New mercedes c

New Mercedes C-Class: Optional air suspension to be dropped from program

There is little surprise in the Design and the technology is on a par with the freshly revised Mercedes E-Class. But if you look at the digital instrument unit, the Head-up display and look at the central multifunction screen in tablet size, then the C-Class of the W 206 / S 206 generation all borrows from the recently introduced S-Class. From the program deleted Due to the manageable installation quotas, the optional air suspension. So the C-Class is optionally available with Sport or comfort chassis As well as adjustable dampers to get. However, for the first time there is self-steering rear axle, which will provide agility, dynamics and parking comfort. The driver assistance systems are on the level of E- and S-Class – semi-autonomous driving functions of level three are therefore left out for the time being, but will be delivered later. (license plates for 1.3 million euros: This Mercedes-AMG C 43 drives a real fortune stroll)

Like the Mercedes S-Class also has the little sister model – with 4.75 meters in length clearly to the predecessor grown – Significant increase in seat comfort. More than before you sit in and not on comfortable seats, which are well contoured optionally covered with fabric, partial leather or full leather. This also applies to the instrument panel, which either shows naked plastic or can be covered with imitation leather / genuine leather. The networked navigation system is standard, whereas the Basic variant of the C model The new C-Class has to make do with a small instrument display and the large screen in the center console still has haptic buttons in the lower section. The Space in the rear is on usual Middle class level. If you want more, you'll have to head to China, where the Mercedes C-Class, like its predecessor and direct rivals BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 exclusively as Long-wheelbase version offered with a longer wheelbase. This will then also be China produced and not in Bremen or South Africa.

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