New company car

New company car

The reason why today's blog entry appears a day earlier is a great one. For a long time I've been toying with having my own company car. I am a long time photographer. Since the beginning of 2012 the business has been going really well. Therefore it was only a matter of time until an own company car had to be.

What kind of car I ended up with and why I decided this way you can read now!

The idea was to buy a relatively fast car as a company car. Especially in view of the new calendar project this year, a fast car is an advantage. There's probably no way around the fact that I'll have to handle two shoots in one day, which may even be very far apart from each other.

So of course a Porsche 911 immediately came to mind. The 911 series was also just refreshed. The price range fit pretty good to my saved company car budget.

But then the shock! During the first tests the photo equipment ( camera, tripods, Tronix Explorer, Ranger Quadra, etc ) was used. ) in the cargo area of the 911, it turned out that not everything would fit in. This was really a pity, but turned out to be an unavoidable obstacle.

On inquiry with the dealer it turned out that Porsche manufactures also a large four-door, the Panamera. Is also very cheap to have, so the decision was clear. A Panamera had to come.

Besides, it is very practical to have a little more space, especially when I have to drive some guys (and gals) around at parties again.

[singlepic id=1420 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=1418 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I chose the smallest version of the Panamera. Unfortunately the car has only 300hp and a 3.6L V6 engine. With the 911 I would have had 100hp more with 500kg less weight, but so be it. But I liked the cup holders in the Panamera better, even a McDonalds milkshake fits in without problems.

[singlepic id=1421 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=1423 w=320 h=240 float=center]

But with all the advantages there are also disadvantages that I do not want to leave unmentioned:

– The tank holds a good 100 liters. With a typical 170 Euro tank filling I have to pay at the gas station ca. Wait 15 minutes until the tank is full. This went much faster with my previous VW Passat. Doesn't fit my busy schedule. – The standard seat ventilation can be switched on at the same time as the seat heating. In my opinion a misconstruction. Absolute waste of energy. – With the standard BOSE sound system with 16 speakers I could notice a slight clattering in the treble from a sound pressure level of 130 dB. In addition, the BOSE system does not manage to drown out the engine noise. This is especially annoying with classical music. – Due to the size of the wagon, turning maneuvers are very time-consuming at my doorstep in Burghaun.

– With winter tires the car can only be driven up to 240 kmh. I find this a cheek, because with such a low maximum speed I probably can't keep my shooting appointments. – Somehow it is probably the case that at the typical driving speeds in built-up areas of approx. 80-130 kmh and out of town> 230 kmh more insects on the windshield. So it happened that I had to clean the windshield already after the first hour of driving around. Really bad, for a tip in this case I am very grateful.

[singlepic id=1422 w=320 h=240 float=center]

So, you see, not all that glitters is gold. Nevertheless, I think I have chosen a good company car with the Porsche Panamera. I think that in the long term this will also improve my photography significantly.

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