Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

The power system of Naruto Includes a repertoire of jutsu dealing with nature / form transformations and so on. Granted, it's not the most complicated power system, nor the most creative; that said, it's an icon that fans cherish. The lack of complexity is what makes it attractive in the first place, other aspects of the series can more than make up for the missing pieces.

Furthermore, its apparent simplicity makes it much easier to extend with little to no effect. And Naruto did just that and as a result the chakra power system evolved into an almost all-encompassing condition. There are numerous jutsu; There are the essential ones that have been practiced by many shinobi, as well as some hard to learn ones that only the best of the best can experiment with.

10multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

It is the same old shadow clone technique, but multiple. Without a chakra reserve of at least one Tailed Beast, performing this jutsu is almost impossible. Even the giants of shinobi can only create about a dozen shadow clones at a time.

Therefore, most people leave it untouched because of the burden. Only people like Naruto with an absurd amount of chakra are able to perform it casually.

9sage fashion

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

The concentration required by the sage mode is simply inhuman. For the average shinobi it is a technique of myths. Even decades of practice will not guarantee proper human-nature resonance.

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In this sense, the few who have actually learned and perfected the technique can be counted with two hands. And all these prodigies spent years and decades of hard grinding to make it as a sage – with the exception of Naruto, of course.

8reanimation Technique

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Reanimation technique is a forbidden jutsu (kinjutsu) that blurs the line between life and death. At its core, it's a technique designed to bring the dead out of their graves – pretty outrageous, even if Naruto' s standards.

The 2. Hokage, Tobirama Senju, realized this and hit the jutsu, his own creation, with the banhammer. Orochimaru and his apprentice discovered the jutsu and worked on it, trying their best to perfect the flawed jutsu. The latter has achieved more in this respect.


Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Chidori is really a simple jutsu; both its corners and its applications are within reason. Therefore, it would not take much effort for the true geniuses of shinobi to learn it.

But despite all this, successfully learning the jutsu doesn't necessarily mean being able to use it in daily combat. Chidori is sewn to a backbone that not many people possess, Sharingan. Without it, the jutsu would do more harm than good.

6particle Style: Atomic Disintegration Jutsu

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu is at the forefront of nature transformations. It is a technique that involves not one, not two, but three nature transformations (earth, wind, and fire) – no other jutsu has achieved this.

This technique is easily S-rank. So far, only two people have been able to learn it, both of whom are respectable former Tsuchikage.

5flying Thunder God technique

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

The younger brother of the god of shinobi, Tobirama Senju, truly does not stray far from his brother's legacy. Those who can match him in the ninjutsu department are almost nonexistent.

The Flying Thunder God Technique is one of the many techniques he developed in his lifetime. It is an S-rank jutsu in both name and skill. Let alone learning the basics would prove impossible for most ninja.

4wind style: lawn shuriken

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

According to Kakashi, Rasenshuriken is an impossible technique to learn. Considering who it came from, this statement contains a certain amount of truth. Lawn shuriken is indeed impossible to learn … Unless you are Naruto.

Naruto himself could only acquire it through brute force. He relied on his monstrous reserve of chakra to knock down the technique with numbers. Only with the accumulated experience of thousands of shadow clones could he tackle it.

3ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration is another technique whose users are less than the number of fingers in one hand. It's as good as medical ninjutsu gets, a cutting-edge jutsu with impressive healing abilities.

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Tsunade and Sakura are the only confirmed users who could perform this technique. Even Shizune, an apprentice who followed the former for more than a decade, failed to acquire it.

Twosealing Technique: Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Just as Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration is the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, Dead Demon Consuming Seal is the pinnacle of sealing jutsu. It is a technique developed by the ancestors of the Uzumaki clan, the leading pioneers of the Sealing Jutsu scene.

This technique uses the soul of its user as fuel. There are only two known users, Hiruzen and Minato, who have lost their lives through its use. On the positive side, it never fails once executed.

1six red yang formation

Naruto 10 the hardest jutsu to learn

Four Red Yang Formation is a barrier technique intended to be applicable only at the kage level. Its superior version and direct evolution, Six Red Yang Formation, is a step above that. That can be said with certainty only those above the Kage level could hope to learn it.

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