Mouth protection in the traffic caution, this punishment threatens you in the car

Mouth protection in the traffic caution, this punishment threatens you in the car

In many places masks are mandatory. But how to behave as a car driver? If you violate the ban on veiling by wearing a mouthguard in traffic and risk a fine? Not necessarily!

Before the Corona pandemic made sure that people with mouth-nose protection became a completely normal sight in everyday life worldwide, there was a blanket ban on hooding in Germany. While this has currently been lifted – at least temporarily – in many areas, wearing the mask in traffic is still a criminal offense. But there are numerous situations and professions where the protection provided by the mask makes absolute sense. Read also: mandatory masking – which mask really makes sense. How can you make one yourself?)

Corona mouthguard in the car: when is it allowed to wear it and when can it be expensive?

Section 23 (4) of the Road Traffic Act states: "Anyone driving a motor vehicle must not cover or conceal their face in such a way that they are no longer recognizable." Failure to comply will result in a 60 euro fine and an order to keep a logbook. And this is also true in the times of Corona. But what about bus, cab and other drivers, who transport passengers and want to protect them from infection? What if you drive to work with colleagues in a van or take friends along in the car? And what happens if you get caught in a radar speed check wearing a mouth guard and appear masked in the speed camera photo?? Even the federal government has no real answer to this question. Refers instead to the countries. In response to a question from the FDP parliamentary group, Secretary of State for Transport Enak Ferlemann said, according to the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland: "Section 23 (4) of the Road Traffic Act is intended to ensure the recognizability of the motor vehicle driver while driving, especially during automated traffic controls. The regulation therefore prohibits the covering and concealment of essential facial features that ensure the ascertainability of identity."

Conclusion: When a Corona mouth guard is allowed in the car

This means that the prohibition of veiling does not apply as long as one wears only a face mask and does not additionally cover one's face with sunglasses or similar. "Only in the case of obvious use of the masks to commit other misdemeanors will fines continue to be imposed", according to the Secretary of State. (Also interesting: Mouthguards for spectacle wearers – this is how to wear a mask without fogging up your glasses)

And since the mask requirement currently applies only to public transport and shopping, wearing the mask when driving with several people is only a recommendation. In the event of an inspection, one would then have to hope for the goodwill of the law enforcement officers. On the other hand, if you are alone in the car, you should do without a mouth-nose protection anyway. Since the mask is only a protection against contagion for others, it makes no sense to wear it.

However, this legal gray area is a thorn in the side of the transport policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Oliver Luksic. He thinks the federal government is making it too easy for itself by refusing to make a concrete announcement and pushing the matter off to the states.

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