You love the motor world. Want to tune your car? Then cars that are fast and dashing are among your favorites. Your motto could be "in Need for Speed. Here you can find tips and tricks for engine changes, handling tuning or car sales and the performance evaluation of the "Need for Speed". Maybe you have already done an intensive racing race yourself. Know the hot chase with all the horsepower. You want to show yourself off to the competition and for that you need the necessary tips and tricks. The engine is the heart of your car and you can tune it, just as you improve your fitness in sports. Install a more powerful motor. Already you turn even a starter car into a horsepower monster. A little money is necessary for your hobby though. Let a specialist advise you here, who knows whether the respective desired engine may also be installed in your car in accordance with the law.


Good tuning cars

For beginners it is first important to know which models are good tuning cars. In the past it was mainly Opel, Mercedes and BMW, but nowadays almost any model can be tuned. Be it the Opel Corsa or the Audi A4, there are many options here. Also the Japanese models like Honda, Nissan or Toyota and the good old VW Golf are suitable. Think about whether you want to improve the suspension or the shock absorption and if suspension tuning is your thing. Or whether you prefer to lower the car. Want wider tires for your engine fun. Body tuningwould also be an idea. Here you influence the exterior structure of your car. The front and rear spoilers or the sports exhaustand the striking paint or. Side skirts are among these options.

Despite speed: safety in traffic

If you are tuning, you have to remember that not everything you like is allowed. The safety in traffic should be important to you. This includes primarily the safety of the vehicle itself, which must not be influenced by the tuning or any components. Some parts you have to get approved for your horsepower first. These bring a change in the TÜV. If the installation is not done correctly, you could be fined and that would spoil your hobby in the long run. Also the withdrawal of the operating licence for your car can be an unpleasant consequence, if you do not keep the rules with the tuning. So that you keep joy in your horsepower hobby, inform yourself exactly about the possibilities.

Passion number 2: Motorcycling out of balance


From March to October is known to be the official motorcycle season. Within these eight months many biker meetings take place. The hobby of "two-wheeling" can be indulged in extensively. For many motorcycle fans it means a feeling of freedom. In winter, however, the machines are usually kept in the garage until the first rays of sunlight attract the bikers to the streets. In order to be well equipped for the season, it needs of course also the suitable motorcycle clothing. This should give one security. Looking stylish at the same time. A suitable helmet can be vital, so it is advisable to choose a top brand such as HJC.

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