Motorcycle checks on mother’s day on the b16 between steinbach and stötten

Motorcycle checks on mother's day on the b16 between steinbach and stötten

The control group motorcycle at the police headquarters Swabia South / West conducted traffic controls on Sunday afternoon on the B16 between Steinbach and Stötten. Due to the summer weather there was a lot of excursion traffic on the road, in the end 76 motorcyclists could be stopped and controlled.

On a total of six bikes, the tires were partially worn down to less than a millimeter, each costing 75 euros and a point.

The "Db-Killer-Insert" (muffler) of the exhaust system of a 19 year old East Allgäuer was sawed off and thus considerably shorter than originally. This resulted in the expiration of the operating license. The onward journey was ultimately prevented.

Also on the spot had to stop a 55-year-old from the Augsburg area, because the installed accessory footrest system of his motorcycle was inadmissible. As it is a safety-relevant component, it must be tested, which was not the case here.

Several defects on his "Buell" caused a 63-year-old from the Munich area to end his tour prematurely. On the motorcycle were an open cover on the drive belt. An exhaust system not permitted for public road traffic has been installed.

The belt cover must be completely closed, as there is a possibility of injuring oneself on the open rotating parts. In addition, the rear tire was worn. In general, a fine of 90 euros is due when the operating license expires, and a point in Flensburg is added for safety-related violations.

Altogether five drivers were forbidden directly on the spot the further journey. Motorcyclists had to have their motorcycles towed away or transported away with a trailer.

Simultaneously to the control the speed was supervised in both driving directions. A total of five drivers coming from the direction of Steinbach were measured as having been traveling considerably too fast. The top performer was a passenger car with 154 km/h instead of the permitted 100 km/h. The rider can expect a fine of 160 euros, two points and a one-month driving ban.

Controls show effect – accident figures continuously decreasing since the introduction of the control group

Since the introduction of the control group motorcycle in 2018, there is a clear trend reversal.

Since then, traffic accidents involving seriously injured or killed motorcyclists have been steadily declining. In 2017, the police in PP Schwaben Süd/West registered 16 motorcyclists who lost their lives in traffic accidents. In 2018 there were ten, in 2019 eight and in 2020 six.

The strong presence of motorcycle police officers during the summer months is also reflected in the accidents with injured people. Here too, since a peek in 2017 (723 motorcyclists injured), there has been a significant decline to 439 injuries.

The motorcycle control group will continue to carry out checks throughout the motorcycle season. The specially trained officers are looking at equipment violations that lead to unacceptable noise or endanger other road users, as well as behavioral violations such as excessive speed or overtaking in an overtaking zone.

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