Maturity assurance for new parts

Maturity assurance for new parts

Maturity assurance for new parts in the supply chain according to VDA guidelines – insights from the author's point of view and into practical implementationA success-critical factor in the product creation of mechatronic series products is the quality of the supply chain. Special attention must be paid to new parts – in view of the digital transformation, this regularly includes electronics and software, especially for traditional machine builders – and new suppliers. Not only between companies, but also within companies.

In the PDP, i.E. In the product development process, the criticality of new parts and new suppliers can be experienced in the initial product development phase during the evaluation of parts and suppliers, specifically during prototyping, and in the subsequent industrialization phase, both with regard to systems and equipment to be procured in production and logistics and with regard to the use of purchased parts during ramp-up.

For companies in the automotive industry, the VDA, Association of the Automotive Industry e. V., a Guide to the implementation of the maturity methodology for new parts which can also be anchored as a requirement in a customer-supplier relationship. BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen already do this regularly, making their Tear-1 supplier are automatically required to do the same vis-à-vis their suppliers. The guideline's ideas are largely independent of the industry, so its transfer to other industries is unproblematic and makes sense.

The VDA guideline strengthens quality assurance in the project by means of a consistent presentation of the degree of maturity over the entire project sequence for new parts combined with the objective assessment of product and manufacturing process maturity at agreed points in time (milestones) within the PDP, aimed at project control. It can be used as a more precise supplement z. B. Understood and used by the quality assurance required by Automotive SPICE. A key concern of the guide is the regulation of cooperation at all stages of the supply chain combined with the integration of all project stakeholders. To this end, the key customer-supplier relationships are defined as part of the milestone assessment in the project and a concrete collaboration model for projects is described, thus ensuring the early and cross-divisional integration of all parties involved.

As part of the evening event of the Ostalb-Donau regional group of the DGQ, German Society for Quality e. V., on 25.04.2017 at the Carl Zeiss SMT Gmb H in Oberkochen, this idea of maturity assurance in the supply chain is examined from two perspectives:

– Matthias Harzer, employee of the Daimler AG in Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement and Supplier Quality and head of the author group of the VDA guideline, will explain the objectives and principles of the VDA guideline and present how the guideline has been put into practice at Daimler.
– Guido Lange, Managing Director of cip alpha GmbH& Co. K G, presents how the implementation of the guideline at a supplier company is supported by the software tool AM-PACK, Automotive& Mechatronics Package, can be supported.
Attendance at the event is free of charge. Registration via this Link.

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