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Endurance training

Training for a strong heart

A healthy cardiovascular system lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Cardio training not only exercises the lungs, but also the heart, the entire muscular system and fat burning is revved up. But if you think endurance training is just for "endurance", you're wrong benefits, he is mistaken. Cardio training is also a real source of energy for the immune system and provides the perfect balance to the stressful and often hectic everyday life.

Benefits of cardio:

– Muscles are built& Energy demand increased
– Heart gets stronger& Cardiovascular risks minimized
– Circulation& increase concentration
– Immune system is stabilized
– Happiness hormones are released

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Here we simulate walking on soft forest ground. The beginner starts with light walking, which can be increased to a fast mountain run for the experts. From beginners to marathon professionals, you will find the right setting for everyone here. The Curve has no motor compared to other treadmills. Is completely powered by your own body. Depending on the shifting of the weight, speed and running feeling change. It has been proven that you burn up to 30 percent more calories here than on a conventional treadmill.

Cross trainer

The natural movement sequences when walking are reproduced, whereby the feet have permanent contact with the device. This results in a whole body workout that is easy on the joints.


Step by step to your fitness goal. The stair climber burns more calories than any running session. Your gluteal muscles in particular are trained in the process.

Bicycle ergometer

An easy-to-execute movement that is similar to normal cycling and is therefore suitable for beginners and advanced cyclists alike.

Recumbent bike

Due to the inclined seat or. Reclining position allows for a very relaxed body position. Arms, shoulders and back are less burdened.

Rowing machine

Rowing on the ergometer is not only healthy and easy on the back, but also really effective as a balanced whole-body workout.

Already knew?

In 3 different areas (generous and light-flooded hall, separate Cardio range as well as Cardio gallery) more than 70 most modern perseverance devices are to you at the disposal.

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