Locksmith on site leutenbach

A special request of the key service Leutenbach (Württemberg) is that you do not need us in the first place.

Locksmith on site leutenbach

This sentence might sound a bit far-fetched at first, but a common reason for needing a locksmith is, for example, when the locks need to be redone after a completed burglary, which you wouldn't wish on anyone.

100% burglary protection can hardly be achieved – or it is difficult to afford for a private household. The primary goal of private burglary protection should therefore initially be to prevent a possible burglar from breaking in for as long as possible. This includes, in addition to the purchase of an alarm system, securing the windows and always acting cautiously, also the protection of the front door.

Comprehensive protection

Here, however, it must be noted that a door is only as well protected as at its weakest component. Even a heavy safe door with a not break-through-proof glass insert is an invitation for every burglar. It is of no use to install the most advanced lock cylinder if it can be pried out of the door even by laymen. Thus, appropriate protection can only come from the system unit Strike plate, lock, lock cylinder and protective fitting exist. Overhanging lock cylinders, protective fittings that can be unscrewed from the outside or even bent are no protection.

Before turning to lock technology, however, the first thing to do for further security is to check the tapes or. Pass through the hinge. If the hinges are on the outside, additional hinge side guards should be installed on the inside in any case to ward off prying open the apartment door.

Other reasonable considerations in terms of front door security are final then the use of additional locks including. Locking bars, which can be mounted both inside and outside. Cross-bolt locks, which in addition to the lock also strengthen the door leaf then, are also a useful method to nip the eagerness of a burglar in the bud, since he can already notice from the outside that this door is particularly secured.

The right solution for sure

The purchase of a video surveillance system or burglar alarm system deters nearly 90% of potential burglars! To ensure promising security in your building in Leutenbach or the surrounding area, you should place the consultation and professional installation in the hands of a qualified specialist such as those of Schlüsseldienst Leutenbach (Württemberg). The distinguished experts pay attention to a perfect-fit selection of components. Place top priority on precise installation. In fact, any faulty assembly would render the highest quality equipment ineffective! With a security concept explicitly tailored to you, taking into account a previous risk analysis, we recommend to you in the context of a security consultation exclusively on your situation adapted products from the burglar alarm technology.

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