Škoda superb scout multifunctional lifestyle station wagon for every terrain

Škoda superb scout multifunctional lifestyle station wagon for every terrain

Since mid-2019, ŠKODA has also been offering the third generation of its flagship SUPERB for the first time as a robust SCOUT version. The manufacturer thus continues the tradition of the OCTAVIA SCOUT as well as the KODIAQ SCOUT and KAROQ SCOUT. The SUPERB SCOUT, which is only available as a COMBI, has off-road flair: with robust body extensions, all-wheel drive as standard and a rough-road package with 15 millimeters more ground clearance as well as engine and stone chip underbody protection, it always cuts a fine figure even off the beaten track. Thanks to the largest luggage compartment volume in its class of 660 up to 1.950 liters, it's easy to transport bulky outdoor equipment such as mountain bikes or other sports equipment even to remote locations. In addition, the SUPERB SCOUT with a towing capacity of 2.200 kilograms ideally suited for towing boat and horse trailers or caravans, for example.

Advantages of all-wheel drive also on dry road surfaces
The standard all-wheel drive of the SUPERB SCOUT offers enormous advantages not only off paved roads, for example on gravel, mud and snow-covered slopes. Even on dry asphalt, a rear axle driven in addition to the front axle increases traction and driving stability in many situations. An electronically controlled fifth-generation hydraulic multi-plate clutch automatically transfers part of the drive torque to the rear wheels within milliseconds if the front wheels, which are driven during normal driving, lose traction. This means that propulsion is maintained and the power always gets to where it is needed, without the driver's involvement. If necessary, up to 90 percent of the power is sent to the rear axle or up to 85 percent to a single wheel. An electronic control unit enables automatic intervention even at the smallest speed differences between the axles. Information such as engine speed, accelerator pedal position, wheel speed, steering angle, and lateral and longitudinal acceleration is also recorded and processed. In push mode, with a light load or normal straight-ahead driving, the drive is largely via the front axle.

Robust body panels and an interior with special decors and seat covers
The ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT sets visual accents with a striking adventure look. In addition to robust bumpers at the front and rear, it is characterized by an aluminum-look underride guard, as well as additional plastic cladding to protect the wheel arches, side sills and the lower sections of the doors. Roof rails and the frames of the side windows are chrome-plated, the caps of the exterior mirrors shine in an aluminum look. The optional two-tone Braga alloy wheels with a diameter of 18 inches or the new two-tone 19-inch Manaslu alloy wheels underscore the robust appearance of the vehicle. The interior is designed in the typical SCOUT style: The interior is characterized by special wood-look trim, the seat covers are made of a specific fabric fiber with contrasting stitching or, on request, of an Alcantara-leather combination. With its very generous space and versatility, the SUPERB SCOUT is just as suitable for a lifestyle and sports-oriented target group as it is for families or as a spacious long-distance vehicle for fleet customers.

Powerful and efficient engines
The ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT is only available with the most powerful diesel and petrol engine in the model series. The diesel engine in the 2.0 TDI produces 140 kW (190 hp) and has a maximum torque of 400 Nm (243 lb-ft). The gasoline 2.0 TSI provides a peak power of 200 kW (272 hp) and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. In addition to the standard all-wheel drive, both models are also equipped with the 7-speed DSG and operate particularly efficiently with start-stop technology and brake energy regeneration. An additional off-road mode in the Driving Mode Select driving profile supports journeys away from paved roads, and adaptive chassis control (DCC) is available as an option.

SCOUT variants with tradition
Rugged SCOUT models with off-road flair are a ŠKODA tradition. In 2006, ŠKODA presents the second generation of the OCTAVIA for the first time in an adventure look. Since then, the SCOUT models have become a permanent fixture in the OCTAVIA range. In 2017, ŠKODA expands its SCOUT family into the SUV segment with the KODIAQ, followed a year later by the KAROQ SCOUT.

Full LED matrix headlights particularly popular with SCOUT customers
Optional full LED matrix headlights are a particularly popular feature among ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT owners. The intelligent system, which enables driving with the high beams on all the time without dazzling other road users, has been ordered for 93 percent of all vehicles delivered to date. The Alcantara leather seat covers are also very popular, ordered by 84 percent of all SCOUT customers, as is the trailer coupling, which 76 percent of all vehicles ordered have – no surprise given its qualities as a towing vehicle. 87 percent of all SCOUT drivers also opted for the fuel-efficient diesel engine in the 2.0 TDI, 13 percent for the 2.0 TSI. Almost half of all SUPERB SCOUT – 48 percent – roll on the 19-inch Manaslu alloy wheels. The standard silver 18-inch wheels Braga come to 27 percent, its anthracite version to 25 percent. The most popular color of the ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT is lava blue, followed by moon white and quartz gray. In fourth place is the new Tangerine Orange custom paint, which is exclusive to the SUPERB SCOUT.

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