It offers therefore a good stretcher comfort

It offers therefore a good stretcher comfort

Onion-shell principleModern cycling clothing is very thin and light thanks to highly developed materials. It therefore offers a good comfort. If a layer is no longer needed, it is simply taken off and stowed in the jersey pockets (z. B. Wind vest). For cycling, therefore, it is best to dress according to the onion-skin principle: Several thin layers of clothing with different functions ensure that the body is optimally tempered and protected from the weather.


Nothing feels more uncomfortable than a sweaty cotton undershirt that sticks cold to your skin and even spreads freezing cold on a downhill ride. That's why, regardless of the outside temperatures, cyclists always wear a functional undershirt right next to their skin. Woven from synthetic fibers, this shirt absorbs very little moisture, unlike a cotton undershirt. Due to its special woven structure, it transfers the sweat on the skin to the next layer of clothing. The skin thus remains much drier than with other undershirts, which results in a more comfortable skin temperature.

Jersey and jacket

The next layer above the undershirt is the jersey. The jersey also absorbs little sweat. Thick jersey fabrics, some with a roughened interior, are for cooler days and thin materials are suitable for hot days. Especially the back should not be too short to provide sufficient protection for the kidneys. A jersey should fit tightly. Do not flap in the wind. Sewn-on pockets on the back provide storage space for a rain jacket and provisions. For cooler days, there are long-sleeved jerseys; also with a long zipper as a jersey jacket. A vest, windbreaker or rain jacket helps against the wind. Tight cuts don't flutter in the wind as much.

Bike Pants

Cycling shorts differ from other sports shorts in that they have a sewn-in trouser leather, which is still called leather, but is now made of an easy-care textile fabric. The leather prevents chafing of the seat, cushions it a bit and protects from the cold. This is done by means of the terry insert in the front area. The pants should fit tightly, not wrinkle and not pinch. Cycling shorts should be washed after every or every other workout to prevent germs from massaging into the skin from the leather. Inflammation of the seat would be the result. For those who do not like tight-fitting pants, there are also inner pants with seat padding, which can be worn comfortably under both short and long pants.

Important: cycling shorts with padding must be worn directly on the skin without underpants.


With cycling shoes, cycling is even more fun, the power transmission is more economical and discomfort on the feet hardly ever occurs. Cycling shoes have a stiff sole, which helps to optimize the transfer of power from the foot to the pedal. With a bike shoe you can also use clipless pedals. Cycling gloves cushion your handlebars. Ensure pain-free cycling. They also protect you from abrasions in case of falls. In the rain, gloves improve the grip of the hands on the handlebars. When buying you should look for a fold-. Pay attention to fit without pressure points.

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