Is known for its clean environment

Is known for its clean environment

Liguria In the northwest of Italy, on the border with France, lies Liguria. An area with impressive mountains and gentle hills, covered by the bright green Mediterranean vegetation, which look out over the Ligurian Sea, which here forms a steep and rugged coastline. A region with many faces, different but inseparable to offer a breathtaking panorama to those who choose this region as a vacation destination.

Visitors, the vacation destination Liguria offers nature, mountains and sea, culture, entertainment

And fashionable life; you are really spoilt for choice.

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre can be easily reached by Levanto; walking – train – bus – boat and by car. The 5 villages worth visiting are: Monterosse al Mare – Vernazza – Cornigla – Manarola and Riomaggiore.

If you travel by train to Riomaggiore don't forget to stamp your train ticket at the station. Attention: in the village of Vernazza the train stops in the tunnel. Here you have to get out. Unforgettable is certainly also the trip by boat.

You can also buy a day pass. The train/boat stops at each village. The advantage is that you are from-. You can get on where you want.

Of course you can visit Cinque Terre also by car. It takes a lot of time, but it is a nice route. The disadvantage is that you are not allowed to enter the villages by car, with the exception of Monterosso Al Mare.

Val Di Vara

The "Val di Vara is the widest and longest valley in Liguria and is located between Liguria and Emilia Romagna. In the whole valley you can find medieval villages, hidden in the woods, where you have the impression that they are stuck to the mountain.

Varese Ligure

Beautiful medieval village with unique round center. The village is considered very ecological due to the purely biological cultivation. Counts among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The houses of the village center are lined up as if in a semicircle. This was created by Count Fieschi. He wanted to build both a residential complex and a fortress because of the good location of the village. The inhabitants were besides counts, rich merchants and craftsmen. Maissana is a municipality in the province of La Spezia. Has about 687 inhabitants. The surface is about. 45,5 km², the population density is 15 inhabitants per km². The following villages belong to the municipality of Maissana: Campore, Cembrano, Chiama, Colli, Disconesi, Ossegna, Salterana, Santa Maria, Tavarone, Torza, and 4500 hectares of land. The basic area of the municipality is mountainous. It is characterized by its clean environment.

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