Innovations of the fines catalog

Innovations of the fines catalog

What is the core of the innovations in the fine catalog??At the heart of the matter existing fines drastically increased have been opened and the driver licensing authority can impose a driving ban even for minor speeding violations. Legislature's goal is to make road traffic safer.

ADAC and political opposition have strongly criticized the innovations in the fine catalog. Missing measure and center. The innovations are partly completely exaggerated and punish drivers without regard to a Concrete hazard situation and the local conditions in the individual case.

Whether the criticism is justified or whether the situation in the traffic actually requires such penalties to be threatened and imposed, everyone must answer this question for themselves. The politicians who are responsible for the innovations in the catalog of fines can be criticized in so many places. But alas: we wanted to look at the issue objectively.

What are the innovations?

Stricter speed limits

Violations of speed limits are punished more severely. If you are up to 20 km/h too fast on the road, you pay a higher fine. Decisive new is however that within closed built-up areas already 21 km/h to fast a one month driving ban justify. Outside built-up areas, especially on freeways, the limit is 26 km/h. In addition there is one point in Flensburg. After all, a 3 % tolerance in favor of the car driver is a significant factor. In this respect, the fine of 80 EUR each is actually of little consequence.

Another decisive new feature is that speeding offenders who have been caught speeding at 26 km/h or more twice within a 12-month period are now already subject to after the first violation with a driving ban can be occupied.

If you drive an electric vehicle, you will be shaking your head. Unlike vehicles with combustion engines, e-vehicles immediately develop full thrust when you breathe on the gas pedal. Limits are then within reach faster than you might be able to apply the brakes.

Attention: Keep the emergency lane clear!

Emergency lanes save lives. The existing regulation of a fine of already 200 EUR as well as two points in Flensburg is tightened insofar as now also a one-month driving ban can be imposed without having to prove a concrete danger or obstruction as before. Who then also still the rescue lane for own purposes uses, pays at least 240 EUR fine and cashes two points. The driving ban of one month comes with it.

Parking violations in the municipality are punished more severely

Who parks wrong, pays more in the future. If you park at an unclear place, now instead of 15 EUR 35 EUR are due. If you park in a fire department driveway, you will now pay 55 EUR instead of 35 EUR. If you obstruct emergency and rescue vehicles, 100 EUR as well as a point are due.

Parking in a parking space for the severely disabled, as well as in parking spaces designated for e-vehicles and car-sharing vehicles, will cost EUR 55 in "parking fees". If you park in the second row and obstruct traffic or even just stop there, you will pay 55 – 70 EUR. Park on a sidewalk or in the pedestrian zone, lighten your wallet by 55 EUR.

Speed camera apps cost more than their purchase

Speed camera apps are counterproductive for traffic control and therefore prohibited. If you use such a speed camera app while driving, 75 EUR as well as a point will be due.

Car posers off to the workshop

If you have tuned your favorite, in the future you will pay 100 EUR if you cause unnecessary noise and exhaust fumes, as well as if you drive back and forth without a comprehensible reason.

Cyclists have a clear advantage

Bicyclists will in the future better protected. Trucks over 3.5 t must not drive faster than walking speed when turning right in built-up areas. Violations cause 70 EUR fine and one point.

As a car driver, you must keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m in built-up areas and 2 m in built-up areas when overtaking cyclists and e-scooter drivers. The same applies if you drive past a pedestrian.

How to evaluate the innovations in the catalog of fines?

The opinions are varied. The appeal, which is well-founded in substance, to show consideration for each other in traffic and to observe existing regulations is in contrast to a reality that quickly destroys good intentions. One could claim that politics thinks too little in the everyday perspective, if it pushes the abstract reality of the regulations into the foreground and ignores the other reality.

Some say that on the roads only egoists and drivers are on the road, who have won their driver's license in the lottery. The others say that speed limits are often imposed for no apparent reason and infinitely far from the point of danger. If politicians want speed limits to be taken seriously, they need to be Responsibly implemented will. It seems abstruse when constantly changing speed limits are displayed at intervals of just a few hundred meters, and drivers lose track of them in view of the flood of signs that exists anyway.

As a driver you feel patronized when you hear that a Ferrari driver was recently driving at 372 km/h on a German highway, steering the car with his left hand and filming the drive with a camera with his right hand. The film was posted on the net. The judiciary only contributed to the fact that on this section of the autobahn there was No speed limit give. The fact that other road users, who were also on this route, were unreasonably endangered, interested not. Parking in the second row. On sidewalks is annoying. If the regulation is to be taken seriously, politicians will also have to explain to professional drivers or residents where they should park when they are making deliveries or unloading the new washing machine in the car and taking it to their home.

Of course it serves the Safety of a cyclist, if overtaken with a sufficient safety distance. The only question is how long a motorist has patience to follow a cyclist in traffic in a large city until the width of the road allows for an overtaking maneuver. There are said to be bicyclists who are just itching to take the road for themselves.

All in all

No one can do everything right. That's the way it's always been. As long as the innovations in the fine catalog comprehensible factual reasons have, these certainly go in order. But if you bully the citizen and hide some reality, they will meet with little acceptance. In this respect, it is not necessarily easy to make factual criticisms if one does not want to focus solely on one reality.

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