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Since its foundation in August 1992, Kran- und Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf has successfully established itself in the market. Nationwide, the company counts well-known clients among its clientele, which includes small, medium and large businesses. Kran- und Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf has grown steadily and continuously from 19 to 35 employees and is pursuing the goal of further expansion and broadening its customer base in the future.
The main focus of Kran- und Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf is on conveying and lifting technology. As a service provider in this field, the company has years of experience, expertise and know-how. On this basis, a very wide range of very different activities is covered. From the maintenance, testing and servicing of lifting equipment, elevators and forklifts, to industrial assembly and machining services, to the rental of truck-mounted cranes, reliability and impeccable service are guaranteed in every sector.

Giel frankfurt gmbh

The Kran- und Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf counts beside own hoists modern truck-mounted cranes with different lifting capacities to its vehicle fleet. Depending on the load to be lifted, the customer receives a quote for the cheapest crane. An assembly basket is also available for special jobs.

From the first conversation about maintenance and installation work to legally required inspections of equipment and systems such as crane systems according to BGV D6, forklifts according to BGV D27, winch, lifting and pulling equipment according to BGV D8, power-operated gates according to BGR 232 or lifting platforms according to VGB 14 as well as inspections before the first start-up of a device here the customer receives everything from one source. Of course, the crane-. Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

In addition, the company has its own turning shop, that is, a workshop equipped with modern technology. Specialists here produce a wide variety of spare parts that customers need for their machines and equipment for maintenance purposes. Also the service for forklift trucks takes place in the own workshop where depending upon need directly also the repairs are accomplished. On request, the customer also receives new equipment.

In elevator construction, new systems are installed and territorial repairs and maintenance are carried out throughout Germany. In terms of renting, the crane offers-. Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf a very broad product portfolio of. This includes z. B. Grip hoists, ratchet hoists, spur gear block hoists, hydraulic jacks, bottom flange trolleys, beam clamps, hand pallet trucks as well as special electric hoists. Because for short-term assignments and infrequent needs, this service is a very inexpensive alternative for customers, which the specialist from Karsdorf offers them.

Personal contact persons can be reached at any time at Kran- und Aufzugsservice GmbH Karsdorf, who are available to answer any questions with advice and assistance. Convince yourself!

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