Finding the right bike for children

Finding the right bike for children

Göttingen.When the offspring wants to pedal in spring, the old bike may have become too small. Which wheels are suitable starting from which age, the press service bicycle (pd-f) explains on the basis of standard values. Because children develop differently. Important: In Corona times, you should call the dealer in advance to make an appointment for advice.

On a running bike with verve

Bicycles without pedals are suitable for children from about two years old. This allows the little ones to develop a sense of balance, steering and speed. This trains motor development. Prepares for real cycling.

But now pedaling

From about three years, children switch to a real model with pedals. Particularly Laufrad experienced ones usually fall this quite easily, so the pd-f. When choosing a bike, parents look for a model that allows them to sit as upright as possible. So the little ones can keep as good an overview as possible.

On the formerly often obligatory training wheels parents better do without. Otherwise, children unlearn their balancing skills, says the pd-f.

Storm and stress

The first real bicycle is for children from elementary school age onwards. It complies with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) in order to be able to participate in traffic. According to pd-f, such bikes with 20-inch tires are designed for children six years and older. They usually last longer, however, because the little ones don't grow quite so fast anymore. From the age of eight, children are then fully fledged road users.

If children absolutely want to have a mountain bike, parents should look for models that comply with the requirements of the StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations). The youth wheel marks then the last step before the adult wheel. Here, a size of 26 inches was long considered the standard, but the dimensions have grown – based on the mountain bikes – to 27.5 inches.

Not too big and not too small

Basically, the bike should be neither too big nor too small. The argument "It will grow into it" is not appropriate with child bicycles, says Thomas Geisler of the pd-f. Otherwise both the pleasure of cycling and driving safety suffer.

Children cannot control a wheel that is too big very well. "Be it that the child does not reach the pedals properly or the child does not reach the brakes properly", explains Geisler. Especially at a young age, when children are growing fast, parents better check regularly whether the bike still fits the offspring.

Tips and tricks for the right size

Bicycle expert Geisler has a tip on how to determine the right size for a child's bike: In the lowest saddle position, the child should touch the ground sufficiently with the balls of his feet – and not just the tips of his toes – in order to have stability.

Even better, he says, is to measure stride length to compare that value with the manufacturer's for frame height. "From this you can then tell which frame and wheel size is right", explains Geisler. The stride length should correspond to the minimum value in the frame specifications. The step length can be measured with a book. Measure with a folding rule. The book is clamped between the legs of the child in the crotch, and then with a folding rule or tape measure the distance from the top of the book to the ground. The child should not wear shoes.

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