Engine damage at the brenner or sick in sicily.

Engine damage at the brenner or sick in sicily.

A motor vehicle ensures mobility. Is part of the quality of life for many people. In many cases, it is even essential for the exercise of the profession. If the mobile base comes by an accident to damage, fast action is usually in demand. Car insurance helps you cope with the financial consequences and protects you from claims for damages from accident opponents. It has several components:

Motor vehicle liability insurance

If an accident happens, the consequences are often serious, especially in the case of personal injury. The person responsible for the accident would usually not be able to bear claims for damages himself, and the victim would come away empty-handed. Therefore, for motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc.), it is necessary to have an insurance policy.) liability insurance is mandatory. Who violates this obligation, makes himself punishable. Motor vehicle liability insurance covers justified claims for damages and defends against unjustified claims.

Comprehensive insurance

If you cause a traffic accident yourself, fully comprehensive insurance will generally compensate you for the damage to your own vehicle – after charging a personal contribution, if necessary. Here, in addition to the benefits from the partial coverage insurance, damage due to accidents as well as to wanton or malicious acts (vandalism) by persons outside the company are also insured. In the case of intent or gross negligence (for example, drunk driving), however, the insurer may refuse the benefit proportionately or even completely.

Partial insurance

It provides the following in the event of damage to the insured's own vehicle (and co-insured parts). Insured are for example

Fire and explosion
Theft of the vehicle or its parts, robbery and embezzlement
unauthorized use by third parties
direct impact of storms, hail, lightning or flooding
Collision with furred game/animals, marten bite
Damage to or destruction of tires (only under special circumstances)
Breakage damage to the glazing (z. B. Falling rocks)
Damage to the wiring due to short circuit
The policyholder receives the benefit – if necessary after deduction of a deductible.

Car insurance

Engine damage at the burner or sick in Sicily? For emergencies during trips with the motor vehicle, the Auto-Schutzbrief offers you reliable service as well as reimbursement of costs, among others for

Breakdown and accident assistance
Towing, recovery and spare parts shipment
Dispatch of medicines and arrangement of medical care abroad
Child repatriation and return transport of the sick
Assistance in the event of death
Costs for overnight stay and rental car in case of breakdown or accident

Driver protection

The driver who is at fault in an accident is the only one who does not receive compensation through the motor liability insurance if he has sustained injuries. This module protects the authorized driver (also spouse, children, friends) from the financial consequences of an accident for which he/she is responsible or for which he/she is partly responsible. The contract also covers damages for which no one else is liable, for example, because the other party is unknown or penniless.

Passenger accident insurance

Passenger accident insurance completes the range of motor insurance products. It pays if passengers are injured in an accident. In principle, this is also covered by liability insurance, but only if the driver is at fault. Benefits can be disability benefits, daily allowance, hospital daily allowance with convalescence allowance or death compensation.

Passenger accident insurance offers protection in the event of accidents in connection with getting in and out of the vehicle, driving, using, handling, loading and unloading as well as parking the vehicle or trailer. It also pays if the person responsible for the accident cannot be identified, is not insured or is destitute. In addition to the driver, all authorized passengers are insured in the flat-rate system – throughout Europe and other regions belonging to the European Community (z.B. Canary Islands).

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