Discover all our motorcycle tours in asia

Discover all our motorcycle tours in asia

THE LEGENDARY ROYAL ENFIELD Motorcycle trip through Asia to undertake with Vintage Rides means to ride a motorcycle legend: the Royal Enfield. As the vintage motorcycle par excellence, it gives riders a feeling of riding from back then. With its retro look, it attracts curious glances and helps to start a dialogue with the people met on the way. Traveling by motorcycle makes a different approach to the territory possible. This way you will be fully immersed in the world of travel. As a symbol of India, it looks like you are winking at the local culture when you ride this motorcycle. You get lost in the crowd. Can get an idea of the atmosphere in the country. From the Thar Desert in Rajasthan to the volcanoes in Java, from the Mongolian steppe to the highest mountain passes of the Himalayas, the legendary Indian motorcycle has proven itself everywhere. Crossing Asia by motorcycle becomes a real pleasure!


With your Motorcycle Tour Asia you can count on us to adapt to your wishes. Whether traveling in a small group, customized or in absolute freedom, we care about one thing above all: your safety. Our three themes provide different ways to travel: we have motorcycle itineraries for adventure tours, discovery tours and chic and charm tours. For experienced bikers who want to go beyond their limits, we recommend our Adventure tours. These itineraries are 6 to 8 hours of riding per day and consist of over 50% dirt road. You explore remote regions. Make intense experiences! If you attach great importance to discoveries and encounters, opt for our discovery tours. These characterful motorcycle tours give you the time you need to explore the cultural richness of the country. Our Chic and Charm tours are designed for those who want to spend a real vacation or travel in pairs. In a quiet rhythm the days are among others of motorcycle. Relaxation in comfortable accommodations characterized.


For over ten years, the Vintage Rides company has shared its passion for unique motorcycle tours. Thanks to our original concept, we take you to the four corners of Asia on unique itineraries that combine exoticism with authenticity. Our road trips with the Royal Enfield bring you in the middle of eight destinations in Asia: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia.

India by motorcycle

As the cradle of the Royal Enfield brand, India represents the base camp of Vintage Rides. In Ladakh, tackle the highest mountain passes of the Indian Himalayas. A trip that is very popular with our bikers, because you should have ridden the Transhimalaya route once in your life. On this motorcycle trip, you will cross the highest passable mountain passes in the world to the gates of Tibet. In North India, our Rajasthan tour is not only a must-have among all tours, it will also delight all those who are looking for admiration and exoticism. Otherwise, connoisseurs usually head to South India to discover the former colonial cities of Pondicherry and Fort Cochin on a motorcycle. You can also admire the natural beauty of Kerala with its backwaters, spice gardens and tea plantations. Other travelers who prefer more atypical motorcycle tours in India, head towards Madhya Pradesh or. Odisha, two regions with eternal charm.

Nepal by motorcycle

The roads of Kathmandu, the lake of Pokhara, the Kathmandu valley, the thousand year old temples and their mountain villages… The bottom line is that Nepal has enchanted the Vintage Rides team since time immemorial. Our longing for the Himalayas and Annapurna has led us to offer you a motorcycle trip in Mustang. This is one of the most extraordinary motorcycle trips with the Royal Enfield in Asia! This "off-road" itinerary in Nepal allows experienced riders to admire the highest peaks in the world. The incomparable welcome of the Nepalese, the unreal landscapes and the stony slopes of the Himalayas attract all travelers!

Bhutan by motorcycle

This remote little kingdom in the heart of Himalaya promises you an exclusive experience. Bhutan, also called the Land of Happiness, stands out on the international stage for its atypical Gross National Happiness Index. Besides, here on the motorcycle you are lucky to ride along wonderful mountain roads. It is also an opportunity to cross the highest mountain passes and drive through villages that are among the most authentic in the world. In Bhutan, religious fervor is expressed in Buddhist festivals. In the courtyards of the huge dzongs. Imposing monasteries the spectator will be fascinated by the dances of the monks. A motorcycle trip through Bhutan will take you to another world close to paradise.

Mongolia by motorcycle

An area free of constructions, routes, barriers and cultivations, where few countries grant the feeling of such freedom. Crossing Mongolia by motorcycle means intensely feeling the space, getting lost in the infinity of the steppe. Mongolia seems to be not only untouched and authentic, it also surprises with the variety of landscapes and the hospitality of its people. Every encounter with the nomads in the yurt camp counts. Will be kept in lasting memory. Traveling through Mongolia by motorcycle is a unique adventure.

Sri Lanka by motorcycle

In the middle of the Indian Ocean we invite you to discover Sri Lanka by motorcycle. The island formerly known as Ceylon has been shaped by many influences and offers a unique blend of cultures and religions. During your motorcycle trip in Sri Lanka you will be welcomed by the inhabitants with a big smile. Sri Lanka has everything for a successful motorcycle trip: Sun, omnipresent nature, lush green vegetation, tea plantations, ancient cities, beautiful beaches and a rich wild fauna. Explore the routes of Sri Lanka on a Royal Enfield!

As for Thailand by motorcycle

Go to the mountains of northern Thailand from Chiang Mai. In the mythical region of the Golden Triangle you will ride on trails. Tracks of the former kingdom of Siam. As an excellent introduction to Motorcycle Tours in Asia, Thailand has a lot to offer. Ride on tracks in the farthest corners of Burma and Laos, taste Thai cuisine and experience delightful encounters. Explore the hinterland of Phuket further south. Be surprised by unknown wonders of Southern Thailand.

Laos by motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle in Laos is the best way to discover the land of a million elephants. Follow the Mekong River through the mountains of northern Laos on a sneaky trail. From the former royal capital Luang Prabang, you will ride on wild tracks of Laos to the Asian Elephant Sanctuary to experience a truly great encounter.

Indonesia by motorcycle

You long for adventure and exoticism? Join us in Indonesia for a motorcycle trip in Southeast Asia. Explore Indonesia on a Royal Enfield from Bali to Java. Untouched coasts, dense jungle, sparkling rice fields, sacred temples and a hospitable population are on the program. When to go?


Japan, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, China? Explorations. Discoveries to share. The world is big. There is no lack of inspiration. Join us on one of our trips for all these reasons! We are also working on other adventures outside Asia. Take a look at our motorcycle tours in South America, our motorcycle tours in Europe or our motorcycle tours in Africa!

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