By car, truck or bus to nigeria.

By car, truck or bus to nigeria.

By car, truck or bus to Nigeria? Car transport Nigeria paraphrases vehicle transport between continents in this illustration.

The topic becomes more important when you consider Germany's foreign trade balance with Nigeria. In 2007, the turnover of this type of goods developed to 155, 6 million € between the two countries. This is about 12.1 million more than the previous year, according to foreign trade statistics for the type of goods motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts. Fact, this is the second largest position in the balance with the country of Nigeria, surpassed only by the commodity type machines. The record makes the importance of auto transport Nigeria even clearer. Car transports Nigeria are also necessary for internal economic aspects of Nigeria. No vehicle industry worth mentioning has been established in the whole country. Nigeria is mainly an oil-exporting country with a strongly agricultural economic structure.

Exporting is of course not possible in a direct way, on a road or highway, as everybody knows. Unless you drive one of those vehicles that can move on the road as well as on the water, the amphibious vehicle. The vehicles, which are no longer used in Europe due to their wear and tear, are now purchased in large numbers on the second-hand market in order to be used in other regions or even parts of the world for a long time to come. Many of these vehicles go to Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania or Latvia. But these vehicles are also needed in Nigeria, if one compares the data of the foreign trade balance for the period of the year 2007 alone.Often these vehicles are lovingly maintained, also restored or just repaired with a lot of ingenuity, depending on the purpose of the vehicle.

Somehow, however, these vehicles must find a way to Nigeria. One should keep in mind that between Europe and Africa there are large amounts of water, seas, waterways and the Atlantic Ocean. If the vehicles are of high value, air transport is used to transport the vehicles. An airplane is loaded with the vehicles and can then cover the distance between the continents easily and in a short time. However, the costs for this type of transport are not low to be economically interesting. For this reason, the vehicles are transported in a different way at Autotransporte Nigeria. How about a submarine, one or the other reader may wonder? The transport capacity of a submarine is limited for obvious reasons. Thus also here the costs of the transport would develop as substantially too high, related to the total vehicle price. No, car transports Nigeria do not take place with the submarine.

But the water way is already the right decision. Car transports in Nigeria are carried out on water, because Nigeria, a country located in the middle west of Africa, lies directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bay of Guinea. In the secret capital of Nigeria, the port city of Lagos end the car transports of Nigeria. With one of the modern RoRo ships up to 6400 vehicles per ship can land in Lagos.

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