Black, green or red the right license plate for everyone

Black, green or red the right license plate for everyone

Every vehicle must have one on the road, but there are many more than just the "normal" one black license plates. The following is a brief overview of German license plate types.

The best-known license plate is, of course, the one with the black letters. It consists of a distinguishing sign for the administrative district (place) and a recognition number. Only eight digits are allowed on it.

E license plates for electric vehicles and H license plates for classic cars

There are two variants of the black license plates: Since September 2015, owners of electric vehicles can have a license plate with the letter "E" on it Apply behind the distinguishing number. Eligible electric cars include battery-only electric vehicles, externally chargeable hybrid electric vehicles (plug-in) and fuel cell vehicles.

Many municipalities allow drivers of e-cars to use bus lanes or charge lower parking fees. To take advantage of these benefits with an electric car, you need the E license plate.

If there is an "H" after the distinguishing number, then a "historical vehicle" is on the road. This license plate is given to vehicles that are more than 30 years old and have been largely left in their original condition and thus serve the "preservation of the vehicle-technical cultural heritage" serve.

Advantage of the classic car license plate is a favorable flat rate taxation. In addition, the automotive classics do not require a fine dust sticker to drive in an environmental zone.

Seasonal license plates

In order to avoid having to register and deregister vehicles that are only driven in summer, for example as a convertible, there is the seasonal license plate. On the right of the license plate is the first. The last month of the registered period on top of each other.

They are separated by a dash. They indicate when the vehicle may be operated on public roads. In the other months the vehicle must be parked on a private property. Seasonal license plates are always valid for a fixed period of at least two and a maximum of eleven months. The seasonal license plate is available for normal license plates as well as for E and H license plates.

Interchangeable license plates

Two vehicles can be registered with one license plate with the interchangeable license plates. The condition is that the vehicles fall into the same vehicle class, such as two passenger cars or two motorcycles, but not two vehicles of different classes, i.E. One passenger car and one motorcycle.

Of the vehicles registered with interchangeable license plates, one or both can also be vintage or electric vehicles. The interchangeable license plate consists of two parts: a part that remains on the vehicle and an attachable additional part that makes a vehicle valid for use on the road. The identification numbers of a changeable license plate are the same except for the last digit.

Red license plates

The "dealer license plate" may only be used by car dealers and workshops, who can use it for test drives and registration. The red number always starts with an "06". Has only numbers as identification number.

A special feature are "red numbers" for vintage cars. As an alternative to the H license plate, this license plate can be applied for, which can also be used for several vehicles. The number always starts with a "07. One may not participate with it however normally in the road traffic, but only test, transfer and workshop journeys accomplish and to old timer fairs and meetings go.

Short-term license plate

The short-term license plate was introduced for transfers and test drives for vehicles that are deregistered. The expiration date is noted on the license plate in a yellow box on the right margin, with the day at the top, the month underneath, and the year underneath. The short-term license plate is valid for a maximum of five days, after which it may no longer be used. The identification number begins with short-term license plates always with 03 or 04.

Export license plate

The export license plate has a similar purpose to the short-term license plate. This serves to bring vehicles abroad. There is a one to four digit number next to the location information. A subsequent letter. The field with the expiration date on the right edge consists of a red background with black writing. The export license plate is valid for a maximum of one year.

Green license plates

Green numbers look like a normal license plate, but the writing is green. They are exempt from vehicle tax and are issued, for example, for agricultural vehicles, certain vehicles used in the construction and transport industries, or for vehicles belonging to non-profit organizations. The registration authorities will only issue the green license plates if the tax exemption has been approved by the main customs office.

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