After seven minutes ‘de pälzer’ was shirt

After seven minutes 'de pälzer' was shirt

Holzheim. The oppressive heat did not stop people from coming to the Ardeckhalle in Holzheim on Friday evening to see Ramon Chormann with his fifth stage program "Ich saa's jo nur!" Live. The artist himself also pointed this out by saying: "Many of you probably also like to go to the sauna, otherwise you would be net do."

Monika Birlenbach, chairwoman of the theater association Fairy-Tale Holzheim, welcomed the approximately 200 spectators "in the overdimensionally hot Ardeckhalle" to the opening event of their 15-year association existence. "For our birthday, we're giving ourselves a present. It's nice to be allowed to watch, and a comedian suits us theater people."

For their tenth club birthday they had Ramon Chormann on stage for the first time. Chormann entertained his audience with numerous funny and thoughtful speeches. He used the Palatine dialect throughout and, when required, the Saxon dialect as well.

He looked very dapper in his black suit, announcing at the beginning: "At over 25 degrees, the performing artist must be allowed to take off his bow tie and jacket." He kept his jacket on for a full seven minutes. The comedian described his weekly routine and brought up many everyday topics during the program, such as doctor's visits, parking tickets, cohabitation between husband and wife.

But he also joked about his daily life as a public man. The main theme of his program was the processing of the slogan "Ich saa's jo nur!", which he also depicted in a song. According to him, this sentence was about advice, tips and tricks, but the interlocutor did not want to have them. In his opinion, the consultants would get out of hand nowadays – so there would be furnishing, customer, pregnancy as well as type and color consultants. "Unasked, you are advised all day long.

However, there is also the opposite pole: people seeking advice. People are no longer prepared to think for themselves. They think other people can always think better." Chormann also explained what he sees as the underlying mechanism: "People have an enormous fear of making mistakes and failing. But I say: No, it's not like that, you guys! Only from experience one becomes clever."Ramon Chormann performed a march on stage, accompanied his singing on the piano and encouraged the audience to sing along with him. The artist showed flexibility and agility – when comments or reactions from the audience appeared, he interrupted his program and made spontaneous jokes.

Chormann took up the cudgels for taking life lightly, thinking for yourself and rejecting advice. But he also admitted that there is good advice "that haunts you all your life". One example is: "If I wanted to run away because of a quarrel, I would be on the road all my life."

Chormann's success may be due to the fact that he stated right at the beginning that he had the same concerns as the audience – apparently believably, because one visitor summed up, "He tells it like it is. It is close to reality. I like that."One lady noted that the audience was more subdued in the first part than at a recent performance in Bad Camberg, suggesting that this might be due to the heat. Another viewer was enthusiastic: "I see it for the first time and I am pleasantly surprised.

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